Le Creuset with Wire Handles?

$65! My jaw just hit the floor! In the UK our charity shops would ticket something like this at around $15.

My first thought when I read the OP was what the hell, just buy it. Now I see why you didn’t.

Hi, Robin:

This is a for-profit dealer of nicer things, and this particular pan is in extremely good condition.

I would not be buying it at $15, but for some collector who’s missing only this piece of Flame, $65 might not be so high…


I like a lot the Sarpenva pot by Iitalia for it’s look, not sure though, I would like to use the wooden handle to open the pot, as I always worry I will break my induction top with the dropping of the lid.

The Sapaneva certainly has the Raylean style factor, and an impeccable Scandie industrial design pedigree. It is “kludge” heavy, but the white enamel interior is extremely high quality. Vaguely Japanese in form.

I would cook in it only in the oven, and serve from it at table.


Actually, I think the Sapaneva pot was inspired from cast iron pots for outdoor open fire. In this case, the wooden handle makes sense.

That may well have been the inspiration. Whether a wooden handle in campfire cookery is a good idea, I’m not so sure. I think I’ll stick with a bailed camp oven for that.


Thanks Kaleo, I will

Im in the process of getting married and combining households and I think I would get in trouble if I added more kitchen stuff right now … But maybe in a few months!!

TNX, Hamster

That’s not a bad price if it’s pristine!!

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