Le creuset identification help

Hi everyone, new to the site. I recently bought this la Creuset wok and I can’t find it anywhere online. Any information would be greatly appreciated

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The handles are different than anything else I’ve seen.
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Those handles strongly resemble those on my LC fondue pot.

Vintage Le Creuset Fondue Pot & Stand Mid Century Modern - Etsy

They are intended to fit securely into a tabletop cradle or stand. This, plus the wider floor and lower sides than on LC’s woks, leads me to believe your pan isn’t a wok at all, but a tabletop rechaud or buffet piece.

I think what you’ve found is rare–I’ve never seen one. Good find.


I’m not sure you have a wok. It’s more likely the bottom part of an LC Enzo Mari cocotte or shallow braiser.
But I’ve not seen one with a black interior. There are several LC groups on Facebook, and the members are great at identification.

Whatever it turns out to be, enjoy cooking with it!


It is a Le Creuset Enzo Mari La Mama , just haven’t found a wok yet, but multiple other ones on eBay.

the handles define it as a fondue pot.
used with a stand . . . ala

however, the 36 markings (=36 cm; 14.7 inches) does not show up in any search . . .

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What are the height and width measurements?

Pretty adorable looking pot

I thought so too, but it’s been ID’d as a line of larger pots. I think LC just used the knobby fondue handles as something different.

The handles were for a specific designer of the pots