LC's Bar-B-Q in KC

Tradition and culture for the win.

5800 Blue Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64129


No burnt ends?

To me, that’s the raison d’être of their existence.

Have you tried Bay Boys, down the street from LCBBQ on the 56 (the MLK Pkwy)?

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Those are burnt ends second from bottom picture

They are amazing.

Haven’t checked out Bay Boys. Best bbq city there is and it’s not close.

Here’s a close up of some more KC burnt ends for you tho

Those are from BB’s. They have the advantage of live blues music.


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I prefer Joe’s (nee Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ), the original location on 47th, if I’m in Kansas City (regardless of whether I am on the MO or KS side)

I like Joes. I like LC’s the best. Onion rings for the win.

Frankly there are like 5-6 places I’ve tried there better than any place any where else. And a bunch of folks crushing it pregame at Arrowhead too.

I can appreciate American BBQ, but I am just not a fan, and rarely, if ever, find myself craving it.

Well when in SoCal there are plenty of options and all the American bbq is second rate at best.

What are your favorite bbq styles and dishes and locations?

But when in KC I would stick to the “American BBQ” or BBQ.

You’re in KC as we speak?

Home in LA

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Next time you’re in Kansas City:
Brobeck’s for ribs
Joe’s for brisket and burnt ends
Jack Stack for lamb ribs
Woodyard for burnt ends and delicious sides
Gate’s for the Gates experience and chopped burnt ends sandwich
Arthur Bryant’s for ratchet OG experience. Good fries.

Q39 was begun by some championship BBQ pitmasters and is the most upscale in KC IMO. @Parsnipity they do serve vegetables, however no pseudo-southern collards and cornbread.


1000 percent
But I’ll always love Rosedale.

Been to joes, jack stack (fatal error not getting lamb ribs but had em at rendezvous and loved em) and gates. I am salivating thinking of all those spots. Haven’t been to Bryant’s yet. There’s something about the downhome low tech lcs that I really gravitate towards. Maybe it’s the plume of delicious smoke that reeled us in from a mile away.

Appreciate the recommendations !

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