BBQ in Southern California (and surrounding area)

I did not go to LCs. My bachelor party was many moons ago. I would love to go back to KC though. For a while Okie Joe’s would ship whole smoked frozen turkeys during Thanksgiving. It was the best turkey I’ve ever had. I may or may not have also added brisket and ribs when they overnighted the turkey with dry ice. They stopped shipping the turkeys a few Thanksgivings ago. It was a very sad day.

Heritage is a bit of schlep if you’re in LA. There are some fun things to go around there though. The mission is literally across the street. Ramen Shack is great place to bang bang. There is a brewery that shares the space with Heritage so you can have some brews while waiting. The Rainbow sandals factory store is pretty close to the nice outlets down there.

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Thanks @js76wisco. Heritage is on my to-do list. I’m hopeful no bang-bang necessary when I go there as I intend to make it worth the effort! I did salivate over @Chowseeker1999’s reports. Beers on the other hand, lovely.

Smoked turkey is actually one of the few bbq things i think you can get in LA that is really amazing…

Check out Brothers Barbeque. This is some of the juiciest and smokiest smoked poultry I think I have ever had. My experience (and recommendation) is limited to whole turkeys.
7725 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043

If it’s not Thanksgiving time, prob best to call ahead for a turkey.

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How timely …

I went to KC for my bachelor party and American Royal BBQ championships. My favorites were Okie Joes and Jack Stack. The only place in the same universe in SoCal is Heritage BBQ in San Juan Capistrano. It’s not as good but pretty close.


Thanks for that. I’ve been wanting to go to heritage. I’m just not that way that often need to find something more family friendly as bait ! But looks like a train destination too? It’s almost easier to return to KC and I hope during football season I’ll find another excuse to go. One thing I did notice in KC was all the oil drum bbq set ups and larger in so many yards and driveways. This is serious bbq culture there. I’ve had bbq all over Memphis, Carolinas, MS, AK, AL, TX many of the famous and not famous spots and nothing has been close to what we enjoyed in KC. Everyone’s got their favorites. I’ve found most like Oklahoma joes and jack stacks the best so sounds like you are right. I trust the taste of the locals there ! Did u go to LC’s?

Great location for your bachelor party !

I have never been to a bbq competition sounds like a lot of fun.

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Well my crew does crave “American BBQ” and La Brea and Melrose a lot closer than KC (and Heritage). The folks at Bludsos are very kind and generous with their scale too and know how to treat kids. Bring out the food fast. No complaints about ketsup and bottomless French fries (which are good btw). Desserts in effect for good children. Always games on wide screens and nice old fashioned for dad. 12 bucks. Not a dive bar.

Ribs > brisket

My vegetarian girl (who’s heart remains in Berkeley) got the smoked bbq jackfruit lol. Meat for me and my son. Mom got the night off. Cornbread to go.



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It may have been mentioned in another topic here but Heritage has just opened a second location in Oceanside. So far it seems to be on a limited menu; doesn’t seem to offer its basic brisket, ribs, the pound. Menu is sandwiches, tacos, sides, specialty items, etc., maybe just a soft rollout at this point. There’s a brewery at this location too.

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Yes it looks like mostly sandwiches, tacos and sides. No meats by the lb. I would be disappointed not being able to order a giant beef rib, brisket, burnt ends, etc…

The head brewer is ex Pizza Port. I believe the manager is his wife who was also at Pizza Port. Haven’t seen the full taplist but on some IG photos they mention collabs with Everywhere, Green Cheek and a few other well known SoCal breweries.

I got the impression, from IG posts, that the limited menu was temporary.

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