Last time you got sick by your own food?

Well, I have never really got sick by eating spouting potatoes until the day before yesterday’s dinner. I cut off the spouting part and green part, but I guess my fault was cooking leaving the skin on. Both of us got mild ache and bathroom treatment the next morning, nothing too serious.

It happened more when eating out, but how about your home food?

A pasta dish. The sauce was thick cut bacon, peas, a bit of garlic, bacon fat, Asiago cheese and heavy cream… Perhaps the grease and cream created an internal sliding pond!

Mushrooms, which I adore raw, cooked, in food mix…but I used to think that they stayed fresh longer than they do. Last time raw mushrooms got me ill, I stayed away for a long stretch. Im more careful now.

I don’t get sick from my own food.
Others cooking-happens to the best of us.

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A long time ago, I used a store-bought herb blend that contained lavender, which resulted in tummy trouble. The next time I tried something flavored with lavender, same story. I love the aroma but that’s enough for me.


It happens to me too! I have slight lactose intolerance, over consuming cream or milk lead to some tummy problem.

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Not that I have allergy, I am not sure if I like lavender in food. I think I tried in desserts, but it didn’t leave me much impression.

That’s good! Not even seafood?!

When vegetables stay too long in the fridge, I prefer to have them cooked.

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Mr naf eats very fast or is rather a glutton, he overeats easily and can get really sick.

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I think, in my senior years, I’m not very adventurous in my explorations.
I know what I like (in my wardrobe).
You’re making me aware that I search for superior versions of stuff already in my meal rotation. I’m a fuddy duddy foodie, I suppose.


I haven’t gotten sick in my own kitchen…yet…it’s a “magic” kitchen, to channel Chowhound :joy:


It’s been many years now, but i made myself a breakfast bowl with a cup of fruity yogurt and some cereal and nuts. At that time i would buy a bunch of the exact same brand and flavor of yogurt.
Well, after being sick to my stomach several times within a few hours (among other fun symptoms) i got the yogurt cup from the bin and noticed it had expired a month earlier…

It was YEARS before i could bring myself to try any kind of yogurt again! And ever since i have only bought plain


What a miracle that this has never happened to me given that I will push expiration dates on some of the items in my fridge (if I am eating them myself). Though I am careful not to eat or taste anything that seems suspect, even if it’s within the use by/sell by date. But that fruity yogurt probably would have gotten me too. :grimacing:

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But don’t you also have a problem with lactose? I do, so I gave up yoghurt years ago. But funnily enough I can eat sour cream!

Maybe indigestion from too rich a meal but no GI issues i.e. Food poisoning from anything from my kitchen. Last food poison episode was from sushi at a local place. It was years ago and the place is gone


I regularly eat yogurts a week or so past the due date now, i suspect the fruit in there had gone wonky…!

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I do- it seems i can manage greek yogurt, not regular yogurts, and that’s pretty much it. And literally only a few brands- for example chobani is a no-no, but fage is fine.
I think the fermentation and lack of whey make it manageable.

I guess I’d have to experiment with local brands. We have some “Greek” yoghurt here. Maybe I’ll try some.

Most expiration dates have a very wide margin of safety. Hard to believe yogurt a few weeks past date would be an issue. Had to be something else


Who knows, it was many years ago now, but I didn’t think the cereal or nuts were the likely culprit.
Thankfully nothing of note since then

Fruit compote though…