Last Minute Smoke ?

Evening all

Down in the Smoke this week. Going to Bridge Theatre to Julius Caesar but won’t land at hotel ( 5 mins from theatre ) til about 6pm. Theatre starts 7.45 but need to be there 7.30 to ditch coat etc. Theatre companion wants to eat before hand so have about a one hour (ish ) window to eat assuming I haul my ass out of hotel by 6.15.Instinctively am thinking Jose or Pizarro on Bermondsey High Street but doubt will get as space in Jose at that time and Pizarro may be just that bit too far and just that bit too restaurant slow to work. Borough market too far at 15 mins walk each way ? Any super proximate recommendations that wont break the bank (as have to leave room for St John madeleines post the play )gratefully received !

Thanks in advance


Can’t help at all but thanks for the education. I was trying to figure out what “Smoke” meant. I thought maybe you were asking about a last minute cig somewhere, or applying a smokey crust to an oven roasted beef, or something else.

I had never heard London referred to as “Old Smoke” but a little Googlfoo enlightened me.

I love learning new stuff.


Is Londrino too far? That’s a pretty good eat and I reckon they could probably whip something up reasonably promptly (tasting menu aside) if you tell them you have limited time.

Lots of people also swear by pique nique, but I haven’t been yet.

Glad to be of Northern service !

Thanks Dean

They both look abut as far as Jose/ Pizarro with the added ‘I might get lost’ factor. Really like the look of Londrino though, for future reference.
Am actually staying at the Lalit which has a posh looking indian but and intriguingly named bread and wine bar - the Naanery - attached.
Any views on either of them ?
Certainly pretty handily placed !

Sorry haven’t been to Lalit, so can’t give advice. I’m not aware of many good options within a few mins walk of there (it’s pretty touristy by Tower Bridge/South Bank), most of the good places I know are 5-10.

Story was good when I went, but needs a bit of time. Magdalen might have worked, but I think has now closed. If you go to Lalit, please report back and let us know what the food is like!

So. Ate at LaLit. Lovely room

But food not special at all. Very saucy curry, overly rich/ creamy for my taste too. Breads were nice but cmon it’s a roti !
Would go for drinks but not eat here again.

It dates back to the times, before the 1960s, when air pollution in London was notorious. It was a combination of chimney smoke and fog rising from the River Thames.

Following on this, I have another question. I read that conditions were terrible up until the Clean Air Act of 1956 when all smoke producing fuels were banned in the City zone.

Does that mean that ALL wood burning fireplaces are forbidden now? There’s not a usable fireplace anywhere in London?

No BBQ pits either much less a full-blown smoker?

That would suck.

I’ve no idea about London specifically, nor the rest of the UK generally, but I can’t recall seeing a working fireplace in any house I know for many years. The Clean Air Act doesnt prevent the BBQ in the garden - although I have eaten enough cremated sausages (including several cooked by myself) to wish it did.

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In most of London you are not allowed fires, except for clean-burning fuels. So you can’t have a coal- or wood-burning fireplace. I don’t think there’s anything to stop you having a smoker or wood bbq in your garden though.

This ban covers most of London but not the rest of the uk. I live on the edge of London and find myself a few hundred metres outside the ban area, so I am able to burn pretty much anything I like. :slight_smile: It’s on my (long) list of home improvements to fix the fireplace so we can have proper wood fires.

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One of the nice things about visiting my MiL in Scotland is sitting in front of the fireplace in her lounge room, as yes, not many people seem to have them these days!

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Too late for this trip, but 40 Maltby Street is a great casual eatery in the area.

Thanks. Looks lovely. Will bear it in mind next time.
PS double thanks for not mentioning the prevalence ( or otherwise ) of open fires in the south !

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