Lao Gan Ma - Crispy Chilli in Oil

Thanks! I might have to read that a few more times to make sure I understand. In the video it looked like he was talking about a chili powder, and those look like flakes. I can see one is labled “hot pepper powder”, and is less coarse than the others. I’ve been curious about "Facing Heaven " peppers.

ETA; I listened again and noticed the fresh chili he starts with is "chicken claw pepper " which he also describes as “fragrant”, and later, at about 7.16 I heard him say “like Kashmiri or Gochugaru” as he spooned something from a smallish jar.

I tried this SB crunch garlic sauce. It is great. Love it. Again, I am not a huge chili sauce user, but this is great.


I’ve seen it come out on top on tastings - I think Woks of Life did one.

Late to the discussion, and this will likely not be received well, but here goes. When my in-laws visit from Nanjing, they bring several jars of this chili crisp with them. To me this is WAY better than Lao Gan Ma – a little smokier, much smoother and complex tasting. I’m guessing it’s an artisanal brand that is not exported. (Don’t get me started on the Chinkiang vinegar they also bring that’s supposed to be used specifically for seafood…)


I am way late to the party, but I love LGM! I started out by putting it on pot stickers and shu main, then added it to ramen for a late night snack. Then it just ended up on everything from lasagna to saltine crackers.
My LGM mania peaked when I was rolling a yam in it and baking it at 375 degrees. The oil leaked out of the aluminum foil, landed on the bottom of the oven and started a small, very smokey fire. Apparently the middle of the oven is below the oils ignition point but the bottom of the oven is above it. Yam still tasted good, albeit a bit smokey.
I started with the medium sized 24.6 oz/700ml jar and it disappeared too quickly so I tried to order it on Amazon last month but was dismayed to see that it was in such short supply that the 24 oz version was almost $20. Then I found 4 bottles of the 7.4 oz size in a local Albertson’s so I bought two.
Today this article jarred my arm a bit so I checked on Amazon again and the 24.6 oz is back to $11 so I ordered another two.


You are a passionate fan! :fire:

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