Lagostina cookwares, yes or no?

Husband side’s Italian family or friends, they are extremely proud of Lagostina pots and pans. What do you think of this brand? Are they any good?

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I think the Lagostina Accademia series at least is very nice stuff. I have the 24cm and 28cm frypans.

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Lagostina is a good brand. The make various lines, the top ones being high quality and fit & finish. They make one hybrid line called Accademia Lagofusion, which is clad up the sides AND has a thick bottom disk attached. IIRC, the bottom disks are not fully-encapsulated, so if you must DW, Lago might not be the best choice.

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I have the Accademia Lagofusion 24 cm frypan and lid - it’s a deep pan, and curved, in case no one has seen a picture of it. It’s very nice. Very well made. I use it mostly to finish sauced pasta in. I like it a lot.

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Where are these different lines listed? The official website does not list them:

It offers a choice between anodized, SS, and copper, and the SS link only offers a choice between glass lids and metal. Are there lines elsewhere that are not available in the US? (Wouldn’t be the first time.)

This catalog is the best I have found for checking what they have:

You can browse for individual pieces this site here below then, or try google for something you found in the catalog.

I linked to the Accademia Lagofusion series,but you can try “products” and go from there for more.

I believe US people have been buying from European Amazon sites. I bought mine from .de.


I have three Lagostina pieces and they all perform very well, probably my favorites of the SS pans, they can create a deep fond without burning and are very easy to clean and handle. I have the 22 cm stockpot, the 26 cm stew pot, and the 26 cm serving pan (rondeau). I got pretty good deals on these on Amazon Europe sites that I don’t know if we’ll ever see again.

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