Lactose free ice cream

I’ve been realizing I’m probably lactose intolerant and have tried Lactaid cookies ‘n cream I found at my local Albertsons (South OC). Lactaid appears to make a chocolate version, which I’d prefer, but it doesn’t seem to be available near me. So……… does any other producer make a chocolate lactose-free ice cream……… especially helpful (of course) if it’s available in South OC.

You are aware that there are simple test (breath or blood) to determine at your doctor if you are indeed lactose intolerant

Not such simple tests, to be honest. Both take time and effort.


FWIW - I’m basing it on how my body reacts to milk products. When I exclude them those things don’t happen.

Me too.

Dairy made me happy, and (ahem!) relieved me swiftly and noisily of certain – shall we say? – burdens. Excluding dairy eliminated both happiness and that “relief”.

But Lactaid pills work very well.


I wish.

My doctor told me that the only way to do a lactose/whey test is to eat none of it for a week, then consume dairy in her office for observation.

No thanks.

Fortunately she gave me credit for being a cogent adult who can tie together cause and painful, nasty effect.

Ben &Jerry make delicious plant based ice cream.

Talenti dark chocolate sorbetto is decadent.

So Delicious and Maui also have delicious chocolate.

If your regular grocery doesnt have a great selection (even Publix here has a lactose-free store brand) head to Sprouts or Whole Foods.

Ice creams are one of the easier categories to find good choices.

And feel free to PM me … its a tough learning curve but Im happy to help. Im nearing a decade of living without dairy so Ive done the hard work.

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I feel your pain. In my younger days, no issues with dairy. All the sudden I started having GI issues. Through a long process of elimination, I discovered I had become lactose intolerant. Not a severe case as I can have a dollop of dairy in my coffee and a literal spoonful of ice cream is ok but anymore is a step too far. No more fruit and yogurt for breakfast.

Van Leeuwen’s makes many dairy free varieties. But no matter what anyone says, the dairy free ice “creams” are an inferior substitute for the real thing. My wife always makes sure she gets something I can have when she buys ice cream. She will give me a bowl and I will gratefully take it. But every now and then I reach across with my spoon and dig a little into her bowl and take a taste. No comparison. The mouthfeel and flavor is so much better with the real stuff. But I make do. I’ve developed a strong preference to the frozen stuff made with oat milk versus the stuff made with coconut and other alternative milk products. Adds sort of a background nutty flavor which is better than having every flavor taste like coconut.

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Thanks all. As much as I ‘think’ I have basic knowledge I hadn’t linked ‘lactose-free’ with vegan/plant-based. Duh!!! That opens up all kinds of options.

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In my case, its not just lactose but the bovine proteins…so if its vegan, it is probably safe for me.

(Except pea protein…apparently its too much like bovine protein because ugh )

Lactaid brand makes ice cream that my husband likes. I did also use lactose free heavy cream to make a very tasty custard style ice cream for him.

Believe Ben and Jerry’s makes a dairy free ice cream found in small selections next to regular items

Not able to help with a lactose-free ice cream suggestion, but echoing what @fooddabbler said about Lactaid. My husband is somewhat lactose intolerant and loves dairy ice cream, so Lactaid works great for him.

We eliminated dairy for awhile at our house, but then I started to lose my ability to digest dairy well. Added some dairy back into our diets + Lactaid when needed for him. I recovered my lactose tolerance and now we are both happy.

Here’s hoping you find a delicious ice cream of whatever sort that works for you!

A friend’s son opened an ice cream parlor in Echo Park, and they have a Lactaid distribution machine. It’s gotten good reviews.

I should have been more clear, whoops. Lactaid pills (supplements) are what I meant—we don’t partake of the ice cream. My husband finds the Lactaid chewable tablets especially convenient.

In theory, live lactobacillius culture in yogurt should take care of much of the lactose for you and also live on in your digestive tract to help process further dairy consumption.

YMMV, of course.

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In theory.

Reality not so much.

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You, or rather your husband, will find this item of interest on the Mamaleh’s online-order menu:

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Jeni’s has a line of dairy-free flavors, - the ones I’ve tasted (including Texas Sheet Cake) are excellent.