Lackluster meal at Quality Meats - other steakhouse recommendations in midtown NYC?

DH and I went with another couple to Quality Meats last week - it wouldn’t have been my choice, but our friends love the place. I should have known better than to trust people who like their beef cooked medium well (at least he does!).

DH and I shared the ribeye for two, which we ordered rare - it came raw instead, ice cold in the center, and so tough and bland that if blindfolded, I wouldn’t have known I was eating beef. I was also unimpressed by the appetizers - DH ordered the bone marrow and I had the foie gras terrine. The bone marrow was fine in and of itself, but the accompanying vegetables didn’t offer any contrast to the richness. My foie gras was bland as well, obviously not of the best quality, and accompanied by an apricot relish that was pretty much just reconstituted dried apricots in simple syrup.

Dessert was also nothing to write home about - I didn’t order anything myself, because all of the choices looked overly sweet and uninteresting. DH had a browned butter ice cream with praline and pecan pie (so obviously, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET), and my friend had a sticky toffee pudding with fig ice cream (again, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET). I will say the fig ice cream was good, but I would have liked it paired with something tart instead of the sweet pudding. Anyway, a very disappointing meal, especially given the price tag.

So, if this comes up again, I need some midtown steakhouses to suggest instead. 40s-50s, east or west. Keen’s is my favorite, but it’s a little far downtown for this particular situation. Thoughts? Thanks HOs!

How about this place that NotJr reviewed:

Hm, somehow I missed that review! I’ve never been there so I’ll add it to my list of potentials!

I would suggest Wolfgang’s. We’ve had excellent experiences at the flagship (corner of Park & 33rd) and at the East 54th St. location. There are also locations on East 46th St. and West 41st St., well as in Tribeca.

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Yes I strongly recommend Empire Steakhouse, specifically the E. 50th location. If you do decide to go inbox message me here, I’ll give you the owners name as well as mine, tell them I sent you. (Should get a free drink out of it lol) You will be very happy.

Wolfgang’s was started by a former Peter Luger employee, right? I have enjoyed Luger a few times but I hate the atmosphere and the long haul to Brooklyn. I’ll put Wolfgang’s on the list!

@NotJrvedivici, thanks for the tip. I will definitely be in touch! :sunglasses:

Yes you are correct about Wolfgangs, however Empire is also owned by ex-Peter Luger emoloyee. Empire and their sister restaurants Ben and Jacks, both embody the same quality as Luger with far superior service and ambiance. (Especially the E. 50th location I mentioned) Also their menu is far more expanded than Lugars.

FYI the brothers also opened their first Italian restaurant with well known and respected actor Chaz Palmitary.

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I can’t speak from personal experience but Empire, Benjamin’s and Wolfgang’s are frequently recommended, as well as Smith and Wollensky (which i have been to, they make a fabulous bloody mary and chopped salad if that’s any help :wink:

I’ve been to Smith and Wollensky numerous times and you can’t fault their steaks are very good. However it’s more a typical old school steakhouse, bright, loud and crowded. High rank for food, low rank for ambiance. That’s where Empire (E 50th) takes things to a new level.

Raw and ice cold? Did you talk to anyone about it? I’d be curious that if you did, what they would say in response.

No, we were with friends and I didn’t care to make an issue of it. Besides, it was pretty clear that further cooking wouldn’t have helped. I’ve been served steaks on the raw side of rare before, and if the meat is high-quality, they are still enjoyable. This one wasn’t.

My only experience of an NYC steakhouse was Benjamin’s in 2007. It was a good experience which is more than can be said for our Smith & Wollensky experience in Miami Beach. OK, in the latter case, we thought the food was OK but they really take the piss with the pricing - it was, to our mind, not just expensive but, also, extremely poor value for money. I assume that, as a chain, other branches would be similar. Wouldnt go back voluntarily.

I like Benjamin’s. Run by Luger alums also. Bacon starter there is just awesome.

I also think Del Frisco’s does a nice steak despite being part of a chain.

On the east side, Strip House is another good choice.

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IIRC, the bacon starter was what I had.

I also remember very good potatoes there (as well as the steak). I think the menu described them as “German potatoes” - although when they arrived, I recognised them as saute potatoes - always my preferred spud with a steak. No longer on the menu I see.

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Del Frisco’s was too large and too loud for my liking. The have a good vibe, the lively bar atmosphere etc. which is lacking at most “traditional” steakhouses. The food was very good, but I didn’t like the dining room experience.

Dining room at DelF is huge. It gets quite loud but I like the more lively atmosphere over the traditional steakhouse vibe.

I passed Chaz’s place last week and was wondering about it.

I had some business associates try it and they raved about the food. One in particular prides himself in his Italian heritage and his discerning taste for Italian food, all gave raves regarding the food. They did have some issues with the service, asking for “grated cheese” and got cottage cheese. (Or something like that)

Maybe Sandra Lee was in the kitchen!