Labor Day Weekend trip to NYC

Russ does not from what they told me before. Also I think they get the bagels made from someone else, too.

We’ve had bagels from Sadelle’s before. I liked those, and they treated us very well, which can make food taste better I guess.

Liberty won over Best today hands down. Will try to give details later.

Absolutely gorgeous weather today.


Black seed closed already.

Knife sharpener was lovely. (Had a lot of long conversations with locals today. ) Thinking about getting a DMT stone now. Great surface area.


Miznon cauliflower. Pita not made in house so passed on it.

2021-09-04 13.07.55

Doughnuttery smelled… off. Hard to explain.

Oh my God the Los Tacos line. That’s just half the line.

Surprise of our trip. Crispy, light, yet substantial at the same time.

Oat milk tahini ice cream at Seed Mill. Had a sample, considering it. Bought pistachio halva. Great owner.


@bmorecupcake Re: Cream Cheese. We recently had brunch at Mark’s Off Madison. We ordered a nova + smoked sable platter which came with bagels and three types of cream cheese: plain, scallion, and vegetable. Mark’s makes their own bagels (and bialys), but they don’t make their own cream cheese. However, according to the website, the cream cheese they use is Gina Marie’s, an artisanal cream cheese made with only three ingredients: cultured milk, cream, and salt. I’m guessing (Mark’s added the scallions and vegetables to the plain.) All three were delicious.

If you’re interested in cream cheese, go to Gina Marie’s site, put in your zip code, and you’ll find which stores near you carry it.

Note: Though Mark’s is normally open on weekends for brunch and dinner, they are closed this weekend, and will re-open for dinner on Monday.


As punishment for this morning, our companion took us to Starbucks Reserve, supposedly good according to their experiences. We got the “flight”. Not great, either. Pantheon was good, Vietnam okay, Hawaii no.

Halva is great. Cant stop eating.


Pommes frites. Started off meh, kept eating, and gone. Also got their fresh fruit smoothie. They use a sweetener, I asked to omit. Again, started off too much banana, but no, finished quick. Walking to abcV. Lots of artists along the way.

$5 at Union Square. A steal.


abcV only place to ask for vaccination.

Green glow
Young thai coconut water
Yame black iced tea
Stone fruit smoothie

Jimmy nardello muhammara
Green chickpeas hummus
Roasted cauliflower
Sweet corn wontons
Wood roasted and raw beets
Coconut sticky rice



Dessert menu:
Chocolate mousse parfait
Hazelnut ice cream mochi
Assam tea with steamed milk
Coconut milk cappuccino
Saffron golden mylk was out, sadly.




I give up: what is abcV? When I was a kid, ABC gum meant “after been chewed”.

A vegetarian restaurant.

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Oh yeah! I think I read about it here on HO.

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ABC is an old furniture and home store. The restaurants at the base are now run by Jean Georges with different names starting with ABC - abc Kitchen (new American), abc Cocina (latin-ish), and abcV was the last, with V for vegetarian.


Those frites look nothing like the pomme frites I used to get from them…but that was at the old location that blew up. That’s too bad, hope it was a fluke


Can I just say I find it hilarious that dosa is on the menu of both EMP and abcV… (I had idli for lunch today, and only barely resisted the temptation of masala dosa… but at an udipi restaurant :joy:)


@bmorecupcake looks like you had a good visit overall, and the weather could not have been more perfect today!


Oh, I see. I thought they must own the ABC furniture store, too, because all of abcV is sourced from there. Actually, there was one piece they told us was not from there. We went to the furniture store to pass some time while we waited for our reservation.

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On the way out we stopped at Kashmir 9 for Kashmiri chai (lukewarm and stale) and naan (good). The food looked decent for this type of holeinthewall place.

Also stopped at Suprema for a slice. That night it was just too much sauce and the sweetness overwhelmed everything else.


That looks like regular chai - what was different? Salt / baking soda / pink? (It doesn’t look like kahwa.)

Desi food is usually much better at these holes in the wall (often called cab driver places, and you might find a bunch parked outside while they grab a snack or a meal) than most restaurants. It’s different (authentic) food, but you have to pick & choose.

We used to regularly get the chicken seekh and tikka and freeze for another day, the naans taste like the stuff you get with kababs in the subcontinent rather than the white naans of restaurants, the gravy dishes taste right, and the biryani / pulaos are tasty without being fussy. I avoid the samosas, any deep fried kababs or apps, and sweets.


The colors on the picture are off. It was Kashmiri style, I didn’t detect salt, but it had the color (baking soda) and the flavor (star anise, cinnamon, etc.) They had regular chai, too. Should’ve just got that, but in my defense Kashmir was in the name of the place.

Your summed up almost exactly what I was thinking about the food there. So true about the naan. I call those bisquick naan (smell/taste reminds me of bisquick.) Our kid handed us back the pizza and took the naan.