Labor Day Weekend trip to NYC

If you’re in Brooklyn

Tea and Milk in Chelsea Market

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That’s sad. I’ve made the tapioca balls at home and it’s a very time consuming process. I can understand why no one does it, but I figured if anyone does on the East Coast, must be in NYC.

If you have a car, and you’re here just for the day, I wouldn’t spend it in midtown. Drive to any of the better bagel places - someone can pop in and pick up your order, then drive wherever you’d like to spend some time and eat it al fresco.

Street / meter parking is not as bad as usual at the moment, and many garages have reasonable short time rates - there are apps for this too.

If you were staying over, I’d suggest just parking the car in a garage and using cabs.

+1 Sullivan St bakery - pick your location based on where you come in and the rest of your plan.



I used to work in the area and often had breakfast in byrant park. there’s a breads bakery kiosk right in bryant park, good for pastry/coffee and the park is very nice.

I second culture espresso, it was my favorite coffee spot in nyc but the shop is tiny. liberty bagels and best bagels are both walking distance and very good, you’ll need to takeout.

I’d be remiss in not pointing out that one of the best slice joints in nyc, ny pizza suprema, is at 28th and 8th. Unfortunately, media recognition has resulted in higher prices but still inexpensive. Also iconic Joes pizza on broadway is a short walk, they are very consistent location to location, the pizza here is just as good as the original location in the village.


ps haven’t been but for a splurge you could try angelina’s breakfast/tea:

if you do, pls report back


I think several places do it, since several places in Toronto do.
I haven’t looked into it recently since I won’t be visiting NYC until 2022 or 2023.

OneZo is a chain that has housemade boba, and locations in NYC.

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Sadly, OneZo in NYC is closed. I was jumping up and down when I first read your post.

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Could you recommend an app? Do the apps also tell you where meters are available?!

I found a bubble tea shop fitting the criteria:

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@bmorecupcake To reserve garage parking, we use the iPark app, but there are many others. As for street parking, no app that I know of will give you those details. You need to check the signs on each street. (They can be confusing, so read them very carefully!) However, when parking in a metered space, the free ParkNYC app is a convenient way to pay with your mobile phone.

Edited to add: On Sundays, most on street parking is free including meters unless the signage specifically says otherwise. For example, “No Parking Anytime.” Same Sunday rules apply to Labor Day (Monday), as it’s a major legal holiday.


Thanks! I installed iPark and ParkNYC. Spothero wouldn’t install because I need to update iOS, so we put that on the Android phone. Never used these types of apps, let’s see what happens! (ParkNYC has a lot of negative reviews where people got tickets, wonder why.)

There’s a new shop Culture 307 by the same folks which is basically right at our starting point. I hope it’s the same coffee and same cookies.

@bmorecupcake Re: People who got parking tickets. My guess is they didn’t read the parking signs carefully. While there are streets where it’s totally metered parking, on many streets, there’s a section where no parking is permitted during certain hours + a section where metered parking is permitted. When checking the signs on those streets, you should pay special attention to the arrows which indicate where no parking ends and metered parking begins.


Does anyone know of a place that makes their own cream cheese? Not whipping the cream cheese with mix-ins, but the actual cheese itself. It doesn’t have to be a bagel shop.

It turns out The Alley in NYC does not make it’s own tapioca pearls. Argh. Also Pommes Frites sauces are like the bagel shop cream cheeses, store bought bases with other ingredients mixed in. Some of their sauces sound so good, though, I might put aside my principles. I must say it’s nice how forthcoming New Yorkers are with information. With no hesitation, people will tell you where they source their bread from,or if they bake their pastries in-house. In my town, asking these questions can sometimes feel like a CIA interrogation.

I’ve been to Sullivan Street Bakery before. The only “problem” is I’ve baked through more than half of the Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook, and it really does come out like the actual bakery.

We were thinking Statue of Liberty for our calorie-burning activity. Unfortunately, the pedestal tickets are sold out tomorrow. (Going up to the crown hasn’t resumed yet.)

Looks like we’re going to head straight to Culture 307, have a bagel-off between Liberty Bagels and Best Bagels, and, time permitting, stop by the Breads Bakery Kiosk in Bryant Park. Then we have to reach Little Island by noon, otherwise entry is by reservation only (sold out). Maybe Chelsea Market if we have time (although I never know what to get there). Then up to NY Pizza Suprema, down to Pommes Frites, and finally over to abcV. That’s the plan right now.


Go time! If you hear somone’s going around harassing bubble tea vendors, wasn’t me.

Line at Best Bagel.


I don’t know if Russ & Daughters makes their own, but it is much better than anything else I’ve had. It might be Ben’s cream cheese, which I’ve gotten at Fairway a few times.


Blackseed Bagels have been catching my eye online, too.

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Eh, they’re okay. Too sweet for me.


I don’t think the Alley locations in Canada make their own, either.

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Oh, that line would be enough for me to decide I’d do bagels another day.
I can’t believe it’s that busy on Labour Day weekend. Usually Manhattan is empty on long weekends, when I’ve visited and when I lived there, pre pandemic.
The only reason I ever ate at Babbo was because of someone else’s last minute cancellation for a table of 6 on a long weekend, back in 2008.

I won’t wait in lines for bakeries , restaurants, bars, ice cream, etc if they’re longer than 3 or 4 ppl these day.


DIsappointing today, details later.

The view from little island.

Free parking today. Lucked out both times!