Kurobuta White Charcoal Grille

We enjoyed an outstanding dinner at Kurobuta White Charcoal Grille in Caldwell, NJ. This restaurant is in the old Dough pizza location. It is a Japanese/Asian fusion tapas type of restaurant. They cook on white charcoal imported from Japan, and the amazing pork comes from foraging pigs raised on their very own farm in NJ. You can really taste the difference in the fresh pork. We enjoyed a humongous tiger prawn; a tomahawk pork chop; roasted cauliflower with tahini; melt in your mouth pork carpaccio; chilean sea bass skewers; scallops in soy butter sauce; fried oysters; smoked tuna dip topped with sumac spice. It all went great with an excellent Zinfandel and Napa cabernet.


That all looks wonderful.


@ChristinaM Everything was delicious! I like the small plate concept. We get to try several dishes, instead of an appetizer and entree. The white charcoal also leaves a nice char on some of the dishes, lome the Chilean sea bass and shrimp.