Kugelhopf, Gugelhupf

In my experience, the Alsatian version is more of a yeasted enriched bread with currants and nuts, and the Austrian version is more of a cake.

The name relates to the shape.


The Marmofgugelhupf might be one of the first marble cakes. I’m not sure.

Another tangent, Donauwelle (waves of the Danube) , my favorite Marble cake, a marble sheet cake with cherries, buttercream and ganache. https://baketotheroots.de/donauwelle-aka-snow-white-cake/

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Parking a few versions of interest here:

I think it is always yeasted in Austria. Can check sources tomorrow.

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I was thinking of the marble Gugelhupf which is made with baking powder in Austria. I’m sure it depends on the type of Gugelhupf.

My little Austrian Café cookbook has these recipes.

The topfen Gugelhupf looks good.

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Croatian Xmas Kuglof https://www.zvonimirfras.com/food/croatian-christmas-bundt-cake-bozicni-kuglof/

It’s also called Kuglof in Hungary.