Krok enameled cast iron non-stick pans

I have liked the other Krok products I’ve gotten at Ocean State Job Lot, so when I saw these yesterday, I bought the 10" pan ($14.99). It’s deeper, more saucier-shaped, than a typical flared frying pan. There was also a much larger pan, and a covered Dutch oven. With 90F days and no air conditioning, though, it will be a while before I test-drive it.


Sorry about misremembering the brand name when originating this thread. Thus far, I’ve only sauteed ground beef with this pan, but like it. It heats up as quickly and evenly as my vintage naked cast iron skillet, with absolutely no sticking. I won’t be surprised if it has less-than-optimal longevity, but it’ll be a race to see which lasts longer, the pan or me.

I see. I assume you took the photo before you use it then. I wonder if this thin cast iron cookware is enameled both side (inside and out) or you need to season the interior cooking surface. Interesting design.

It is a nonstick interior, not enamel. No seasoning. I put a few drops of oil in while heating it, so as to see how quickly they started to shimmer, but they would not have been needed to lubricate the meat. The interior is a matte finish but VERY slick.

I’ve used it six or eight times so far, and love it. I hand wash it gently. The enamel on the underside remains pristine, touch wood.

I’ll be buying two as gifts.

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Thanks for the feedback review. So I guess this is like other enameled cast iron pan, except it is thinner. Good to know.

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