Korean Vegan Cookbook now on sale on amazon for 1.99

Just want to mention that the Korean Vegan Cookbook just went on sale on Amazon Kindle for $1.99.


Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been toying with buying this (but do I need another cookbook???) and just ordered on Kindle.

How do you find the ebook cookbook sales? Since EYB hasn’t posted lately, I tried (not very hard) to find them myself but was unsuccessful. Is there a regular link you can share?

sure there are two ways I get them - a thing called Bookbub.com regularly sends out notices of sale ebooks in categories I specify.

also, I subscribed (gave my email to) https://tastecooking.com/ that puts out food newsletter - I get these periodically with bargain ebook offerings. they have other articles of interest periodically also.

Good luck!

Thank you! I’ve been away from the screen for a few days, but I appreciate your response.