Knife skills for newbies

You have the mentality of a Russian Spetsnaz.

Believe me, after cutting off half of my forefinger, putting anything on it for about 2 months (other than Neosporin, a bandage, and a finger guard to protect it) is the LAST thing I wanted to do!

I gave up on having la-dee-dah fingernails decades ago. I guess I’m just too much of a tomboy still.

Sorry, I don’t mean after the accident. I mean “Can’t we put fake fingernails as a protection to prevent knife cut?” I was really half joking about this.

I didn’t cut as deep as you did, and I must say that I was very lucky for the stupid thing I was doing. However, I did cut through my the fingernail on my left ring finger. The first ER nurse said that they will only need to soak my finger in some disinfection liquid and then I can go home, but then the attending doctor (I think she was doing her residence) decided it is best to pull my fingernail. She wanted to see how deep I cut through the fingernail.

It turned out it wasn’t that deep, but hey… the fingernail has been pulled off already. :slight_smile:

In short, more damages were done and we had to put finger guard and redressing everyday for the fingernail bed. That was kind of not fun.

Just joking when I say this to people, but the way I got there is working as a cook in a deli for a few years. If you could see the mounds of potato, mac and slaw I had to make every single morning…but the only time I ever cut myself was helping out at lunch, using the slicer. I cut the tip of my finger clean off, but we wrapped it up and went back to work. The next day, I showed it to a regular customer who was a cop and told him I didn’t have a fingerprint anymore, haha. He just said “It’ll grow back”. And to my surprise it did, fingerprint and all :wink:

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Wow, I didn’t know that.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I just winced and kept on wincing!!! Jeebus!!!

I know! It takes a cop I guess; he said it so sarcastically, like I was planning a bank robbery or something! Guess they teach it in the academy.