Kiwi Knife: How much you paid for it? How good has it been?

I have two Kiwi knives, and I do not remember how much I payed for them. I do remember they were below $10 each when I bought mine. Today, I just saw a couple of Kiwi knives. They are cheaper than I remember. $6 each. Or maybe it was always this cheap and I simply do not remember.

How about you?

  1. Do you have a Kiwi knife?
  2. If you do, do you remember how much you paid for it (them)?
  3. What do you think of the Kiwi knives? Great? Passable? Pretty Bad?
  4. One last question: Would you say Kiwi knives are the best quality cheap knives? Or do you know some higher quality cheap knives – in this $5-10 range. If you know something better, please suggest.
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You can get that one for $10. I obviously love it. If you can spend a few minutes sharpening them, they will cut forever. I love them because I can get them so sharp, so fast; all while being an SS blade. previously, I could only quick sharpen CS blades. These are like CS SS blades. It fairly soft SS; so, if you stay away from bones you’re good.

You’ll notice my oldest, in the middle, has been sharpened 10k times. Both smaller ones have been sharpened over and over. Gave my older (21/22) to the boy, so that big one is four years new.

I’ve also got a Kiwi cleaver and a few others. These are my main three, though, that I sharpen every two weeks. 5 minutes for some fine cuttin’.

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Wait. From your photo, the top and bottom are the same model knife? And they are different in size because of sharpened away? I suppose I have done that to 1-2 of my knives before.

No, the top one is longer and a hair wider. The photo is illusory. It’s the size of the one you show. The bottom two are model 71 or 72. I always forget which model has the tip and doesn’t. But you see the 71 and 72 in the bottom of the photo. Top is the bigger one that complements the one you have there. 21 and 22 are the big boys.

Either way, I’m still in disbelief at the price/quality ratio. Once you get used to these, other blades seem high maintenance, IMHO.

Ah. Got it. They are different knives. I thought you sharpened one so much that the two have different size.

Top middle is my well-sharpened knife. Even rolled it once on a turkey bone. As I age, I prefer the bigger ones, though.

I bought a bunch of Kiwi knives in Bangkok (Thailand), around 2 decades ago now, while holidaying there. Back then, these knives were hard to find where I live (was EBAY even around?!). I was in my mid 20s, never heard of Kiwi knives before, and wasn’t into cookware. But I had noticed how many Thai cooks were using these knives and I thought if they use them and make great food these must be good knives.

I think I paid around 6-7 euro per knife, and gave a few of them away to my family. My sister still uses hers, and I use mine. Then around 5-6 years ago I wanted another one and got one from EBAY. That one felt less good somehow.

I think Kiwis are excellent knives - they are used by some of the finest chefs in the world (to me). One cannot get a better recommendation imho. I still holiday in Thailand regularly and they are still ubiquitous.

Imho there aren’t better knives at that - or even multiple times - that price point.

I don’t see the mini cleaver here. I own that, too. Lime splitter.

I first saw the Kiwi’s in Bangkok as well, and bought some there a long time ago. Fast forward to now, and I buy them from Amazon for Ebay, wherever I can find the best price. I want to say they average around $7 or so.

As much as I love my Japanese knives, we have several in our kitchen that are very well used. Need a knife to go on a picnic, to the beach or over to a cookout?..Grab a Kiwi. They are probably the best bang for the buck out there. They get banged, abused, and keep doing what they do. I love them.

My first one (71 or 72), was $4, years ago. I bought the bigger 21 and 22 years later for $8 each. It’s not just the price but performance.

I’m the same Wabi. Not afraid to take them camping, or wherever. I thought I’d have to toss the first one when I rolled the blade. Nope, stoned it out, and still on duty.

Do people know if the same Kiwi knives are like even cheaper in Thailand? If a large Kiwi knife is about $5-10 in US, I wonder if the same knife will be $2-5 in Thailand. You guys travel to Thailand. Can you share?

Just bought the KIWI 4" Sharp Pairing Knife, with wood Handle # 503. It came today from Amazon. $5.79 total invoice. No shipping charge since I use Prime.

The blade is considerably lighter & shinier then the photo.
Well made and as sharp as claimed by others here & in reviews.

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Fear not the stone, my friend. When your Kiwi slows, the stone will rejuvenate in a few simple strokes. Congrats on your frugality and pragmatism. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you like it or not like it.

By the way, for a good selection of Kiwi (and Kom Kom) knives, take a look here for our US friends. I believe some of the knives I had bought in Thailand were Kom Kom by the way.

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I wonder why the Kom Koms cost more.

I read somewhere that they are considered somewhat better.

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If I get a chance, I will get one to try.


Has anyone purchased any of Kiwi’s Kai Luna line and used them for a while? I’ve been interested in them; but don’t know anyone who’s bought them yet.