Kitchen Tools - Shining Stars For 2016

Here are mine…

What are yours?

A sifter, a whisk, and what’s the third thing?

I think it’s called a chop block. It’s used to separate and mince ground meats as its cooking. Saw it used in a cooking demonstration early last year and declared: “we gotta have this!” Far more efficient than a spatula for breaking down ground meats.

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It’s not a kitchen tool, but when doing working in office, I bring my bento lunch box. it’s pretty practical…


Cool looking, too.

Yeah, it has lots of possibilities to personalise depending on your meal, a lot of little accessories. It’s a well designed system.

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None of these are new products, but or me in 2016:

  1. Brooklyn Copper saute:
  2. Searzall;
  3. Eggsact egg timer; and
  4. Aeropress
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I have seen them. What so special about these bento boxes comparing to the typical ones?

To tell you the truth, I don’t love my Searzall. It’s just not hot enough by a small margin. I was in Dave’s lab doing some work with his centrifuge for his bar, clarifying juices and such, during it’s early design work. I was actually there when the prototype was developed, and I thought it would be much better than the final product ended up. Maybe the first heat screens got a bit hotter than the final ones, but they ended up being no good since they burnt out within a few uses.

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Oooh, JMF, help me out here…

The Searzall was 2016’s Xmas splurge. I’m mildly irritated that it’s so underpowered on my existing TS-4000 torch head. And a little pissed off that they only tell buyers AFTER the fact that the 4000 is <1/2 the power of the TS-8000. And it came missing pieces.

Are you telling me you think it’s underpowered with the TS-8000, too?


For 2016:

  • thermapen
  • wooden spoon
  • giant sifter that doubles as a colander
  • silicone spatula
  • spoon rest
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This boilover/splatter guard. Took me a while bc of the price but now Ive given 3 of them as presents. I love it and now don’t want to make pasta without it.


What brand is it? I am so over making pasta and the salt water ends up all over my glass cooktop!

That is the amazon link but apparently they don’t have it right now but I think it’s around at other places. The little flapper thing in the middle comes out and then it is excellent for preventing spitting of volcanic tomato sauces etc. There are times when I wish I had 2 of these. I haven’t had a pasta water spillover since purchasing:)

just noticed this link on the amazon page

looks the same as mine but one quarter the price. can’t tell dif with pics.

Thanks, Elsie! I wonder why the one is so much more expensive? I did read the reviews for the Zoie and apparently it doesn’t fit a 10 inch pot and falls in. How large a pot does the other fit?

Love my Chopstir, have had it a couple of years and it works so much better than a spatula for browning ground meat.

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Yes, I think it is still underpowered with the TS-8000. Maybe, not underpowered, but the heat isn’t radiating as well as it should, and a lot of flame leaks through. When I get around to it I will adjust the internal settings to see if I can get it to heat up more with less flame making it through the screen. I do use it for actual cooking, but still end up searing more with my Iwatani, or a plain old torch from my tool box, because the Iwatani likes to play hide and seek. Also I think the Searzall is just plain cumbersome as well.

Thanks again. I noticed the description of the TS-8000 says the flame is adjustable, but nowhere in the Searzall materials do they say what setting is optimal. Are you suggesting that minimum flame making it past the screens is better? Are there any situations where you are still getting torch taste?


Do you know if you can use this with an electric hand mixer, to prevent flour/cream/etc from flying all over the place? I saw one at ALDI’s recently advertised specifically for use with a hand mixer but it was sold out when I went back to purchase it.