Kitchen emergency kit

What items are in your kitchen emergency kit?


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Don’t really have an emergency kit but band aids, tape and super glue are near by and I have even used meat glue on one occasion to try to seal a cut. Keys to the car was needed the last time I had a bad finger cut. Off to the walkin clinic for sutures

Edited to add, we do have a fire extinguisher in a cabinet near the stovetop.


Near the stove:
Big pot lid to smother pan fires
Big box of salt
Fire extinguisher

Near sink:
First aid kit with some extra-large bandages
Clean towels

In freezer;
The emergency bag of peas for bruises and minor sprains and burns

In pantry:
Tuna, pasta, canned clams, canned beans, tomatoes


I do not have one.

Not like you not to elaborate. Nothing to stop a fire, heal a burn, store for an emergency?

I have a fire extinguisher in the cabinets, but I don’t really consider that a kit. Nothing else set up for a specific "kitchen emergency though. lol Sorry.


No, nothing in kitchen, house isn’t that big. A tube of hand cream for extreme flaky hands discomfort and many times the ice cubes maker from the fridge saved my burn.

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A nail file.

Bandages and fire extinguisher. The nail file sees the most action!

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Can you elaborate?

Something like this:


A broken fingernail distracts me to no end.

I finally got tired of continuously looking for 3 things I use frequently. Now every room in the house has a nail file, a pair of scissors and a set of reading glasses. One of the smartest home organization decisions I ever made. I probably have regained a year of useful time in my life by not wandering all over the place looking for these items.




Refrigerator magnet with local pizza delivery phone number.


I asked this question because my son asked it of me. His buddies planned a backyard bonfire tonight and he very casually asked…insurance all pd up…emergency kit in place…


A telephone, if anything happened, called for help quickly. My BIL once slightly burnt his face by projection when starting a barbecue fire, ended up in hospital. Maybe a big bucket of water with ices.

Thanks @naf. There will be plenty of group supervision…if it stops raining and the activity goes forward. Otherwise, we use the fireplace, drink, tell stories, sing and play cards until we pass out.

Sadly I know someone who fell onto their ceramic (non-flame the glowing discs) stove top while they were boiling pasta. 3rd degree burns by both direct heat and the boiling water over 50% of her upper body. We are talking skin grafts and all, horrible horrible kitchen injury. Never imagined someone could get so horribly burned that way.

Sorry that happened… lifetime scars… were alcohol and drugs involved?

My neighbour got his hand cut deeply with a bread knife, instead of the bread, he nearly cut his finger tip off.

Truthfully I have no idea, I went to high school with her and I just witnessed her updates on Facebook. I never asked any questions but like I said I was shocked at how badly she was burned over the upper half of her body. I’m pretty sure she lost a breast due to the tissue damage. (sorry if I’m being too graphic but as I previously said I never dreamed you could do what she did to her self in a kitchen accident)

I would have thought 3rd degree burn was mild, never have imagined it would be so bad.

Lesson learned, no fooling around in kitchen.

We don’t have one either. Just regular first aid items on hand and knowing what to do out of common sense if something happens.
Since you can’t prepare for every eventuality I don’t even try.

Although, every time I flame Calvados for pork or brandy with steak I always think whoa…,