Kimchi Mama NJ

Hey, thanks for the drive by!! We are going somewhere else tomorrow for her birthday. Because of the non-adventurous eaters.

However, we will be going on Mother’s Day, so we’ll be unloading her in the lot, and then parking nearby.

Thanks for all the recommendations and advice. I’m really looking forward to going!!

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Wings were really good !great texture and flavor. Bulgogi bibimbap was good . Korean burrito was just ok.

Would be nice if there was a more
Formal Korean restaurant with full
Banchan offering and larger menu in Monmouth
County … but if this place is successful , who know?


So I did go to Kimchi Mama with my Mom and sister on Mother’s Day. We did the parking lot dropoff, and getting inside was easy peasy! It’s actually got a Louisiana side to the kitchen too, and you can order from a separate menu. We went strictly Korean.

You order at the counter, and then they bring your food to your table. I think it might be a good place to go after drinking. There was a table, and the lady on the end of one of the benches fell off the bench literally in slow motion. She was fine, no injurines, and was laughing it off. Who knew we’d be getting a floor show as well!!!

When you are eating there, they deliver eveyone a clearish soup, which kind of looked like a miso soup. I’m not sure, but it was warm and tasty. I guess in a nod to the Louisiana side, they also delivered a single side salad with russian dressing. My sister ate that, and said it was fine. They also brought out a plate of kimchi for the table. The kimchi was very good. I was hoping for a few more vegetables in it, but it was just cabbage. And it wasn’t too hot, it was perfect for my taste buds. For the chopstick challenged they provided actual utensils. However, instead of napkins they were using cocktail napkins. But ultimately they did the trick.

We started with the vegetable pancake. I snapped the picture after we all took a piece. It was hot, crispy and tasty.

We had the korean short rib, and it was served with white rice. None of us liked it. There was a bone through each piece, and it was very chewy and overcooked.

We had the bulgogi stone bowl with the egg on top. The bulgogi was a favorite of the table. And dipped into the egg, that was the perfect sauce and the perfect bite!

The final item to arrive at the table, about 15 minutes after the rest of the food was the chicken wings. We got the “hot” version. Again, I was worried about spice levels, but it wasn’t too hot. The chicken was double fried, cooked perfectly, and the sauce was really good.

All in all, it was a nice visit. We’ll be back. We enjoyed the food and most importantly, Mom had a good time. Thanks for all the suggestions, they helped us to have a wonderful day with Mom!


@heidicooksandbakes Is this different from their Shaken Shake boiled seafood in spicy sauce? This is the part of their menu that interests me as that concept has been successful in several major markets. I’ve been to Hot n Juicy Crawfish and enjoyed the food.

I didn’t realize the name, but the boiled seafood side is on a separate menu. You order at the same counter, but from totally different menu than the Korean food. While I was there, I only saw people getting the Korean food.

Very nice write up. I’m so glad to hear you got to go and that you enjoyed it!

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We had the Shaken Shake boiled seafood, with crawfish (see above). It is on a separate menu which looks bigger than it actually is as it is really only various combinations of different seafoods you can order as well as a couple of extra items you can add. We liked it a lot.

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So happy you all enjoyed it! And I concur on the ‘hot’ sauces - nothing I couldn’t handle, and I still think those wings are some of the best I’ve ever had. Need to test them again to be sure, of course… :rofl:

I have to be honest that I just don’t get the whole Louisiana/boil side of things. I mean, I understand that there are large Asian populations in LA, but as a restaurant concept, I’ve had a ton of locals say they don’t understand it and they’re just excited for Korean food. It’ll be interesting to see if/how it changes, but I’m still happy they’re here!


The seafood boil aspect comes from the owner’s uncle, who worked for decades in the seafood industry in NYC. (Currently sitting at the counter here, anxiously awaiting my hot-bop and mango bubble tea!)


We will be back in town in a couple of weeks and I will go check out the boil side of things and give my two cents in that as a south Louisiana boy


Spicy pork hot-bop, which comes with miso soup, salad and kimchi. So delicious. Definitely getting wings next time!


I don’t get the seafood boil trend either. It’s become very popular in Long Island, where the in-laws live, and I suspected it would creep into New Jersey. The former Clancy’s in Neptune is now Sea Crab.

Yes - and the people who own Sea Crab own another spot (with a different name) on Rt 66 in Neptune in the strip next to Home Depot.

The seafood boil isn’t ever a draw for me because I have an allergy to hard shellfish, but I’m still curious to see if it ‘sticks’ around here.

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We once went to a Greek-Vietnamese restaurant in Scottsdale that had gyros banh mi. It was owned by a couple, one of whom was Greek-American and one was Vietnamese-American. (I don’t think it’s there any more.)

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Oh there are place here in New Orleans that have a po-mi, a cross between a PO boy and bahn mi.

Fusion is great but I’m a purist when it comes to crawfish, if they are boiled properly there is no reason for seasoning on the outside of them.
But I will gladly try it

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Man those wings look insane!! I went to a thing at the Saint and popped my head in but didn’t order anything.



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I’ve been to Kimchi Mama about four times now and have ordered the wings EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!


Not that I’m highly respectful of NJ.Com, but the word is out.


And they announced today that they have ICE CREAM! Can’t tell if it’s made by them or not, but you know I’ll get the answer. :slight_smile:

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