Keurig Soup. What do you think?

So I was sick about a week ago. I went out to buy some canned soup (didn’t feel well enough to cook), and saw the Keurig cup for soup. In short, you can use your Keurig machine to prepare soup. So far it offers only two flavors: Homestyle Chicken and Southwest Style

What do you think? What does your gut feeling tells you? Anyone tried it? What can’t Keurig make now? Maybe Cup-O-Noodle by Keurig?

While interesting, I feel like this isn’t very special. Looking at the video, it seems the Keurig machine is simply used as a hot water source to hydrolyze the “dried powder broth” and the dried noodle.

I guess this does not have to be posted under Cookware. Afterall, the new introduction is not the machine, but rather the “cups”. So feel free to move this under a different topic

There’s been “Cup-o-Soup” for decades - made by Lipton, I think. This is the same idea, with the deleterious difference that the trash it generates is a plastic cup rather than a paper envelope.

Recently, I discovered savory teas (I posted about the Numi brand on the Drinks board). They come in a paper envelope that holds a teabag of decaf tea with other ingredients, in flavors like Tomato Mint, Spinach Chive, and Broccoli Cilantro . Somewhat unusual, and though not really a broth, surprisingly filling.

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Yeah, I was thinking about the Lipton Cup o Soup as well.

No, I didn’t know about these savory teas. Interesting idea, I will have to read more about them. Can you still taste the tea within all the other ingredients?

Hi, Chem:

Ick. This reminds me of the dreck from the old vending machines that offered “chicken soup”, “coffee” and “hot chocolate”.

Next evolution: A chicken-soup-odorized IV bag with a gluco-saline solution? Mmmmmmmmm, Good!


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Yes, somewhat. To my palate, it registers as “broth plus something else”. ( I put the innards of the spent bag onto a houseplant, which seemed to like it. )

I think the next time you feel too ill to cook but are well enough to go to the store you should buy cheap chicken parts and a bag of cut up salad veggies and dump all of it in a pot of water and boil it for 30 minutes, and it the last 10 minutes throw in pasta. If you have a garlic clove in the house, toss it in too.

If you already are not feeling well, it is not a great idea to poison yourself with instant soup. You are not a house plant that can handle pollution. Take care of yourself!


From Eater:
The soups clock in at 70 calories each and are free of artificial colors and flavors as part of Campbell’s new initiative to rid all of its products of artificial ingredients by 2018.
Doesn’t sound particularly poisonous.

Let’s not get greedy. One step at a time. Let’s start with a turkey leg car air freshener:


I had a version of that after used turkey fryer oil got poured into my last car’s window washer solution reservior. (Long story). Thanksgiving smell every time I spritzed.

Interesting. Maybe it is just me. After one thanksgiving I had much turkey meat left over and I was basically eating the leftover turkey meat for about a week (day in and day out). By the end of the week, the smell of turkey became quiet repulsive. I guess some people must really like turkey to put it as a car freshener.

Well, no, it was unintentional. As much as I love turkey, it was comical while simultaneously nauseating. I’m pretty sure that’s the last time my husband will drain the fryer oil into a washer solution jug and just leave it in the garage a long time after. I didn’t notice what my daughter was pouring in until she got to the bottom of it and the brown sediment was visible.

It doesn’t smell much like turkey – more like a smoky ham, which is what the smoked turkey legs at Disney parks taste like.

Oh god.

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I am thinking about a chicken noodle soup scent car freshener. It can be totally disgusting after awhile.

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I have no idea what the water flow is in a Keurig, but isn’t there a chance of having your coffee taste like chicken soup?

I am more worry the other way. Chicken soup tastes like coffee that is.


I used to love that chicken soup from the vending machines when I was a kid. So scalding hot and salty. I still make myself the occasional mug of better than bullion. Comfort food for me

Oh, definitely. The chicken smell is going to hang on tenaciously to all those plastic parts.

LOL! I remember those. Wickly salty, bright yellow “chicken” soup.

My gut feeling is “gross”. Keurig is just capitalizing on the entire just add hot water category of products that already exist.

I actually have a very special recipe for my “i am sick and feel like shit soup”- all ingredients available at a corner bodega in nyc, takes a delerious person five minutes or so.
One 20oz bottle original v8 + one lemon of juice + half a can of white beans or chickpeas. Warm on stove or in microwave. Or miso soup for an upset stomach

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