Kensington Market report [Toronto]

Sanagan’s is selling white and black pudding, in case anyone wants to make a Full English at home

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Stopped by Fika

And Sanagans today

Kannelbullar for brunch, Scotch Egg for a late lunch.


Parallel has opened up shop in Kensington Market.


I picked up take-out chicken and rice soup

, as well as a couple tamales, from Pancho y Emilio tonight. Very nice.

Nice people running the restaurant.

I didn’t try the pork tamal yet.

The chicken tamal was tasty.

This is a photo of the patio, around 9 pm on a Thursday night. The market is very quiet at 9 pm on a Thu. A couple people were on the Amadeus patio, and Pizzeria Via Mercanti had a fair number of customers. Grey Gardens was busy inside.

Parallel Basta has opened on Augusta, near the Good Egg shop, closer to Dundas.


Sabich Hummus plate ($19) and butter bean salad ($4) from Parallel Basta at 152 Augusta Ave. Closer to Dundas. Accessible ramp and washroom on main floor.


Frank Ranalli’s hot Italian beef sandwich, with upgrade of provolone.
$18 before tax. $15 before tax without provolone. It’s operated at a counter inside a pizzeria on Baldwin.