Kensington Market report [Toronto]

Sanagan’s is selling white and black pudding, in case anyone wants to make a Full English at home

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Stopped by Fika

And Sanagans today

Kannelbullar for brunch, Scotch Egg for a late lunch.


Parallel has opened up shop in Kensington Market.


I picked up take-out chicken and rice soup

, as well as a couple tamales, from Pancho y Emilio tonight. Very nice.

Nice people running the restaurant.

I didn’t try the pork tamal yet.

The chicken tamal was tasty.

This is a photo of the patio, around 9 pm on a Thursday night. The market is very quiet at 9 pm on a Thu. A couple people were on the Amadeus patio, and Pizzeria Via Mercanti had a fair number of customers. Grey Gardens was busy inside.

Parallel Basta has opened on Augusta, near the Good Egg shop, closer to Dundas.


Sabich Hummus plate ($19) and butter bean salad ($4) from Parallel Basta at 152 Augusta Ave. Closer to Dundas. Accessible ramp and washroom on main floor.


Frank Ranalli’s hot Italian beef sandwich, with upgrade of provolone.
$18 before tax. $15 before tax without provolone. It’s operated at a counter inside a pizzeria on Baldwin.


Photos from Kensington Market on Jan 6, 2024, around 6:30 pm.


Take-out Lhasa Thukpa soup from Tibet Café.

First time trying it. Subtle flavours, some might consider it a little bland. Less salty than soups at Swatow and most Vietnamese places I visit so the lower sodium works for me. The broth has a fair amount of garlic.

Nice lady running the Tibet Café. It’s possible to call her to place an order instead of placing the order through UberEats. (Might be worth it to order directly, nudge nudge)

I will try the momos another time. This is a place to get a litre of soup for $17.99 before tax. I will probably try all the soups.

Tibet Café and Bar’s IG page


84 Nassau for Kouign Amann and croissants.


Lunch at The Arch Café, a Persian brunch spot/ Café/ bar. The back patio is quite shaded.

We chose the tiny table for 3 on the sunnier front patio.

I tried a spinach and date omelette, my friend had the Persian omelette, which has egg combined with tomato sauce. His omelette looked more like finely grained, pink scrambled eggs.

It’s a down-to-earth place with relaxed service. They take reservations. They take online orders.


Took visitors from Edinburgh to Kensington yesterday in the rain, and had gorgeous sun by the time we left.

@Phoenikia & @DrJohn we visited Fika for the first time (not pictured) at both your recommendations as I’ve had inconsistent espresso from Moonbeam around the corner, and Fika was fantastic. Their house espresso was a Pilot blend I hadn’t tried before and it was great. Tempted by their frozen swedish cinnamon buns to bake at home as they were sold out.

For lunch we did the Seven Lives Tacos, each got a fried fish taco and it was the largest portion size I’ve ever seen/had after 5+ visits. Apparently the secret is to visit on a quiet weekday vs. a crowded weekend!


Yes, Kensington has a completely different vibe midweek! :slightly_smiling_face:

Jimmy’s Coffee also has a nice back patio. For a sweet iced coffee, I like their Iced JVO which has a little caramel drizzle.

Other options for coffee (besides the 84 Nassau that I remember you like, which I also like a lot! @theleverage), include the Turkish coffees at Pera and at Lokum, as well as the Persian coffees at The Arch Café and Café Pamenar. Café Pamenar and The Arch Café also have back patios, too.

Film Café has a patio on Nassau, and quite a few specialty lattes. I haven’t been there in close to 5 years, might be time to revisit.

Little Pebbles on Baldwin (2nd location on College St in Little Italy) also has specialty lattes, including black sesame, but they tend to be sweet and light on the coffee.

Ninetails has opened a 2nd shop where Kensington and Chinatown meet, at 398 Spadina.


I was there looking for their cardamom bun but sadly was told it’s seasonal. So tried their cinnamon bun which was delicious. As was their latte. Such a cute space.


The cannelbullar/ cinnamon bun contains a lot of cardamom, despite being called a cannelbullar! That’s the one I’m talking about most of the time, when I rave.

The sunshine bun (up thread) with a cardamom dough and vanilla custard , is more seasonal.


Fika’s baked goods selection on June 6, 2024 around noon.


Beef Momos with chili sauce from Momo Corner at 161 Baldwin. I liked them. Around $13.50 before tax. Plain Momos without sauce are $12 before tax.

Momo Corner on Instagram


Kannelbullar (back) and Mango Sunshine Bun (front) from Fika on Sunday. I think the Sunshine Buns and savoury brioche (no photo) are made mostly on weekends.

I also tried a mango agua fresca from the fruit place on Baldwin. They serve mango, horchata, jamaica (red hibiscus) and watermelon Agua frescas. $6 for a big plastic cup, probably 16 ounces.

Gus Tacos has Aguas Frescas for $3, which I have not tried.


Saturday night, I tried the Mexican spring roll, chicharron Maki and tortilla soup at Sinaloa Factory on Augusta,

as well as the al pastor taco and fish taco at Gus Tacos.

I found the food at Sinaloa Factory a little heavy.

Gus Tacos were quite good. I haven’t tried that many tacos in Kensington Market recently.

I’ve mostly eaten tacos at El Trompo and Seven Lives, and that was mostly 5 to 12 years ago.