[Kaohsiung, Taiwan] Goose

Thanks. Looks like I have to make a trip to Sai Kung again.

Markets in Naha look more or less like mainland Japan (which is a good thing, of course).

If you have time, can you make separate threads for Kaohsiung and Naha/Okinawa? I’m looking for a good goose place in Kaohsiung… did you have any?

Also, there’s a thread for markets and shops around the world to post photos (mostly to make us drool).

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Happy to hear your interest in these lesser discussed destinations. Will try to start some new threads when back home in front of a pc.

Next week will be Yuan Lin, Zhanghua, Lukang and Kaohsiung. Loving Taiwan.

Had some great goose at a street stand in Kaohsiung last December. I can try to narrow down the vicinity if you plan on visiting Kaohsiung. Try the goose intestines, a must have whenever available.

First serving was so great, brother in law ordered again and doubled the quantity.

In Taipei, we always have to visit an actual sit down goose restaurant every time we visit. Specialist in goose, and all their small menu are also well done.

From Taipei restaurant.

Not much roast goose. You’ll have to have that in Hong Kong en route to Taiwan.


Consider Ap Lei Chau an option in your next seafood feast, which is a short ‘swim’ from the Aberdeen Wholesale Seafood Market. The cooked food vendors at the Ap Lei Chau market building will cook your live seafood for you purchased from the fish vendors on the ground floor. Good varieties of typically pricier deep sea fishes and other seafood. Obviously the ambiance is ‘market’, but a feast is much cheaper than at a seafood restaurant.

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