Kale and/or Collards

Please post your favourite kale preps and recipes.

With double the kale (or half the chickpeas) and almonds instead of pine nuts.

Kale Caesar

Pretty much any kale salad really.
I don’t like cooked kale all that much.

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  1. Remove kale from veg box

  2. Open compost box

  3. Insert former into latter

  4. Close lid.

I usually like brassicas but I can’t get on with kale. And I’m not keen of sprouts either. I can’t recall ever seeing collards in a UK supermarket.


+1 I much prefer the effort into collard or mustard greens.

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Shaved Collard Greens with Cashew and Pickled Peppers recipe from Six Season - A New Way with Vegetables by Josh McFadden X



I might make these:


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That sounds great. Might try with garden spinach.