Just one more reason to stay away from restaurants right now!

In spite of this, NYC seems to have given in to pressure for indoor dining - even at 25%, most restaurants are tight on space, and of course masks have to come off to eat and drink.

Thank you @Barca

We did too. Then the facility where she was had an explosion of cases.

Just played mini golf with family and we were the only people masked and distancing. Hard to relax but we tried.

Glad you had masks, plus the distance.

We can only control our own behavior and environment. Would that everyone paid the same attention to reality vs what we “wish” the situation was.

I’m slightly afraid of going home to nyc - only because I know what my friends have been up to, and because it’s going to be a whole new thing to explain why I’m not comfortable doing what they’re doing and therefore can’t be in their indoor spaces. Avoidance will only take me so far.


Dan - I’m sorry for your losses.

A tent in the parking lot is not “outside.” Outside is safER not safe.

With all respect to your circumstances, you have fallen into the current trap. “As much as you can” and as “much as possible” are simply not good enough. Wear a mask. Social distance. Indoors and out. Make do with technology. Pardon my language but STFH. Cook. Not “as much as possible.” Just do it.


Preach it. I have def done my share. Practice what I preach to those closest to me. I’m not shouting at the check out line. I am giving out masks.

But with all due respect in return, it is my running out of patience for anyone who ignores the science that spins my wheels. My Uncle is s scientist, taught as a microbiologist at a med school and members of my tribe still Ignored recommendations that aren’t even publicized enough.

I pass the baton to all of you


I’m not afraid to go out but I’m having difficulty relaxing enough to enjoy myself. I keep trying though.


May their memories be a blessing.

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Sorry, STFH is not realistic or in many cases possible. Staying home in some extreme cases created entire families getting sick. Kids need schooling, people need to work, life will continue whether we stand in some idea of STFH or not.

Go about your routine under guidelines and limitations safely and with others safety in mind. That’s a challenge if you don’t take precautions. Perhaps annoying if your mindset is completely selfish. The kind of cooperation this takes…are we a nation willing to?

My Uncle gave me more information than I know what to do with and I still lost people to this virus. A simple solution is not simple…and cooperation was lacking from the moment the world was introduced to covid19.

Sure, We have enjoyed curbside ordering and outdoor dining in very limited bases and when service was not jammed. Frankly, the grocery store is more crowded at most hrs of the day. But no matter where I have been, I don’t see enough people wearing masks, wearing them properly or sizing up how close they are to another person. We’ve taken to pick up and tailgating in our car. I miss everything after 8 months but I’m not willing to get sick over it.


First off, please accept my condolences for your losses. I agree with this. I lost my dad in May and could not have a decent funeral, they could not say the Jewish prayer for the dead because we didn’t have a minion. We were allowed 10 at the burial but it was just my husband and me and two cousins. We could not even get together after, as you said. We had a zoom a couple of days later. But I really needed the hugs I couldn’t get.


I am so very sorry for your loss and the compounding effects, how devastating.


I’m so sorry you had this experience.

I agree that people need to go to work. I don’t agree that “as long as we’re out” justifies a lot of other activities. Kids need schooling, but schools are not day care and remote learning (not as generally done last Spring) is fine. For many kids it is a lot better than fine as it removes peer pressure and bullying.

Here in Maryland, contact tracing indicates outdoor activity (which I believe includes “outdoor” dining is the number three source of infection. If “outdoor” dining is not in outdoor activity than it is in bars & restaurants which is number two. I quote “outdoor” as in my opinion tents in parking lots are not outdoors. Family gatherings by the way are number one.

So for those who cannot work remotely, yes work is essential. Dining out is not essential, not in any form. VTC meals and happy hours will have to do as to me lunch on the patio is simply not responsible. The reason the pandemic is dragging on and that the US numbers are the highest in the world is that Americans make excuses to avoid personal inconvenience.

I agree with you that not enough people are wearing masks and many that do are not wearing them correctly. In many cases I would ask why they are out at all? You don’t need three people to go grocery shopping even if you insist against advice on going inside.

Just because something is allowed does not mean it is smart.

I too miss life as it was eight months ago, but as you say it is not worth getting sick over, and certainly not if we should getting others sick.


My best attempt over the Internet: (–o--)

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It’s a big country; one size doesn’t fit all. We agree on many points and you stay healthy. Appreciate your thoughts.

This just popped up in my news feed on point: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/fauci-says-u-s-needs-hunker-down-fall-winter-n1239798

This is one of those articles that uses a lot of words to tell you nothing. A very small sample; reliant on self-reporting; “dining at a restaurant” doesn’t specify indoors or out. I’m not saying there isn’t a real risk with this virus and personally I’m not comfortable dining indoors in the near future, but outside and away from other tables with a mask on to/from the table and the server with a mask I’m comfortable.

@Rooster I am sorry about your losses. My codolences.

I feel it may also be an issue of ‘correlation vs causation’. Even though the study didn’t say dining out leads to twice the COVID rate, but casual readers may derive that conclusion inadvertently. People who dine out may have a higher risk tolerance, and that manifest itself in dining out and other activities, e.g. gathering. The actual dining out sitting at the restaurant may increase the risk a little bit, but perhaps they are eating with people from other households, etc.

Perhaps. Here in Maryland contact tracing which includes follow on and parallel infections list the top three transmission vectors as 1. family gatherings, 2. bars & restaurants, and 3. outdoor activities. This has been consistent for several months. At least here the vectors are pretty clear.

Of course they are. Everyone else in the restaurant. The situation will surely deteriorate. We are at the height of allergy season which will continue for at least another six weeks as we head into cold and flu season.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold