Just curious - why do some post some topics on CH and others here

I’m not sure this is in the right category, but I’m just curious. I check over at CH to see what’s going on, and don’t usually see much action. I don’t post there anymore. I do see some people who are also HOs post there and may not post that topic here. I’m wondering why. Our board, NY/CT has a decent amount of action and CH doesn’t. Now, it’s not that I’m bothered, just curious. :confused:

I post new content here.

On CH I may respond to a topic I’ve been involved in pre-HO. I also help coordinate a monthly participatory thread so I do make new posts for that.

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Maybe I’m too old and confused to keep track of multiple sites but I’ve wondered the same.

I only check the Toronto board on Chowhound now. One just hasn’t developed here yet.
I went into Not About Food and Food Media last night and there were only a couple of current threads (posts in the last 24 hours) in each. I remember when they used to have hourly activity.

Sheesh! I just post where and when it seems to make sense to me and where I think I can help or get help. I don’t find much to get involved in on CH any more, but sometimes I’ll be there and it’ll seem appropriate. I never really developed that total dissatisfaction/‘hatred’ with CH that many did. I also have found certain concerns about HO that give me some small degree of pause. Nothing major, just a few things. Not sure why this is a real subject.


Similarly, I look at their UK/Ireland board once or twice a week. There’s really nothing happening there and, what there is, is pretty London-centric.

I would reckon that the total of traffic, on that board, for CH & HO combined is much lower than it was, say a couple of years back. That probably reflects some people disappearing from CH but not making it over here. It probably also reflects a general decline in the popularity of the discussion board format, even amongst more committed foodys.

Midlife - as my OP says, I was just curious - sorry if it bothered you. I was on CH and noticed someone that posts here posting there - fine, but different topics. I was really just curious as to why post different topics on the different boards.

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“Bother” is way too strong a word. I suppose I assumed something I shouldn’t have since the anti-CH sentiment was pretty strong here until it seems to have thankfully been dialed back of late.

If I find something I want to say there, or here, I’ll participate. That’s all there is to it.

Could you elaborate on this please? Perhaps others have noticed things also.

I[quote=“winecountrygirl, post:7, topic:4987”]
I was really just curious as to why post different topics on the different boards

For a while I was posting identical threads in both places to see if there were differences. For the most part I would say responses were relatively similar. So now I post on whichever site I’m on when the mood strikes.

I go to more than one news source - so not surprising to me people post on more than one food site. I still look for others too - neither CH or HO is what CH used to be … maybe that level of involvement isn’t meant to be repeated…

That makes sense,Thimes. And I might responses to a post in CH but honestly have the peeps I want on the NY/CT board here. I might check there for other places. But there really doesn’t seem to be much happening there.

If you split the participating population into 2, assuming no loss in population, the resulting activity is less than half. That’s just how critical mass is. And this is ignoring that some people are just gone for good, and the pie is pretty splintered.

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Don’t see the point. They’re minor and not things to open a discussion about. I was just making the point that nothing’s perfect.

Thank you.

We all bring our baggage with us.


I still participate over there if there is something of interest -or- if one of my threads has new activity. I only monitor my past threads and my local (Nj) board. Truthfully I don’t know how to follow any other boards to tags or whatever else they have going on.

When HO was still “new” I started the same threads on both, but now I’ve pretty much abandoned any new threads there and exclusively only post new information here.

It’s been a source of some frustration for me seeing how many other local members here seem to choose to post there instead of here. I’ve spoken with most off the boards, I recruited many of them as well, but they are slow or reluctant to give this their all.

Old habits are hard to break I guess.


[quote=“NotJrvedivici, post:16, topic:4987”]
It’s been a source of some frustration for me seeing how many other local members here seem to choose to post there instead of here.

Yes, I agree. I may answer something over there, but I don’t post there. I really want to build up this site.


And honestly I find this site easier to use than CH ever was. Especially on searches. On CH I would use Google to search. I really, really like this. Really :smile:


Me too!! And I want it to blossom!!

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This post inspired me to check CH since I have not been there for many months. Zip zero interest in doing that again. It seems dead, moribund with not much of interest to me. Ever since the sale/redesign, CH lost my heart. When I first began reading & posting, more than ten years ago, it was a lively site. Today, it reminds me of an aging starlet and not in a good way. Sad and pathetic are the two words springing to my mind.
Au Revoir, CH.
'Allo, HO!

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