June 2021, Openings and Closings (Boston & New England)

Whoops, forgot to do one of these this month–busy researching stuff for an actual vacation (!) in a couple weeks down to the south part of RI. (I hope to have an honest to god trip report in the near future! also might do a leisurely pizza tour of Providence/Cranston on my way to Narragansett, so if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears. Thinking Caserta’s-Nice Slice-Napolitano’s-Catanzaro’s maybe at this point. It’s tough to figure out who actually has slices these days, all that these stupid online ordering menus have listed are whole pies).

Anyway, if you have any Providence area pizza recs or new intel on places in the Narragansett/Middletown/Newport/Wakefield etc region then please let me know!

Otherwise this is the opening/closing thread for Boston for June 2021 and you can act accordingly. Enjoy!


In Providence the Margherita pizza at Al Forno is the standard against which all others are measured. They are only open for takeout right now, sadly, but worth a trip from anywhere.


Maybe this is only news-to-me? I was walking around Arlington center today and saw a sign in the old Retro Burger space - Toraya is moving in!


Get pizza strips at any decent northern RI bakery (eg, dePetrillo) and eat them on the beach with some Del’s.

Some good food action in both Providence (North, Big King) and Warren (Bywater, Blount Clam Shack). But I have no recent intel on South County.

When in Middletown, we also do at least one meal at Anthony’s.

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They have been “moving in” for a very long time. Not sure what the holdup is.

surprisingly, though I’ve done this same June-in-Narragansett vacation thing with my family probably 15 times I somehow have never gone to Anthony’s. I should probably remedy that this year.


The Gallows in South End has closed. Ah well, never got there myself but it was on my list as one of the places I wanted to hit a few years back. I remember its drinks and the gastropub-by fare getting pretty good reviews.

What I remember though was heading there on a weekday lunch time period and it being closed. My bad – I was in the area, thought I would give it a try and hadn’t checked if there was any special reason it might not be open. So I just chalked it up to bad luck and checked their hours online (no special notice by the way) and thought next time! So about 2 weeks later I had to be back in that area, it was on a day it would be open, right during lunch time and I go right up to the door. No sign, doors locked. No patrons… still not open. That’s when I said…ok, well, if you don’t need business then I won’t be begging to eat there.


What are pizza strips?

I don’t know if it was reported back in May, but Thai Moon in Arlington Center had a fire. It caused pretty significant damage, including to neighboring businesses like mine, and they are closed indefinitely. I hope they can re-open. I was told it will depend on the insurance investigation. I miss their nasi goreng.


Bite your tongue! JK, but if you grew up in RI they are part of your being. Best-of lists will point you to RI bakeries with some of the finer pizza strips. I’m going to be honest and tell you many I ate were bought off the counter of 7-11 wrapped in cellophane. A decent description lined below.



Mida has opened a branch in Newtonville on Washington Street. Sunday evening they were going gangbusters inside and out. It will be a couple of weeks before we can try it out. Looking forward to reports from Onions.


If you didn’t grow up in RI, you wonder, why don’t they just put some cheese on these? I have this playful argument with a good friend from RI all the time. I’ve never liked them, but then again, I’m from SE Mass, not RI, but like any good Rhode Islander, I’ll defend Del’s and coffee milk to the end of my days.


Native Rhode Islander chiming in. Picture this: cold focaccia-esque strip with a sheet of cold cheese. Take a bite. Big-time cheese slippage.

Edited: plus, they are usually eaten at the beach, at parties, straight outta the fridge. Without cheese, smaller risk of (dairy) spoilage.

Plus, they’re friggin delicious.


highland creole cuisine on highland ave in somerville is closed for renovations


Jiang Nan in Waltham is closed for renovations until the end of June.


Looking ahead, according to the Patel Brothers website a new store will open at 292 Daniel Webster Highway in Nashua this August.

I was doing an errand in NH yesterday and saw a Patel Brothers sign, but couldn’t find a storefront. Turns out they plan to locate at the site of the former JC Penney home store in South Nashua.

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