June 2019 openings and closings [Boston and New England]

What’s going on?

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Yaowarat Road in Quincy appears to be open. It’s supposed to be a Thai street food place, with a focus potentially on Thai Chinese food (Yaowarat Road being where the local Chinatown is in Bangkok). No experience yet, but looking forward to trying. Located on Beale St, near the corner at Beale and Hancock Sts in Wollaston.


How did I not hear about this? I really liked North Square Oyster and recommended it to many people as an alternative to Neptune (clearly I’m not a regular in the North End). I guess they will still do oysters at the bar but the restaurant will now be Italian . . . . hmmmmm.

A popular North End restaurant that closed for renovations will reemerge Tuesday, June 4, with a new focus under the same ownership. Ciao Bella (5 North Sq.), as its name indicates, will focus on Italian cuisine, including house-made pasta dishes, steaks, and other meats, shifting the focus — partly — from its previous life as North Square Oyster, which served raw bar items, lobster rolls, and more seafood.

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loui loui louisiana seafood on brighton ave in allston has closed

chilipa in the food court at hong kong market in allston has closed

tianjin bun house is opening in the old smile thai cafe location in the food court at hong kong market in allston


Biaggio in Waltham closed. I’ve only been for drinks on their deck but I’m curious what will happen in that space.

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saigon noodle on main street in malden is now saigon nv

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That’s surprising! It’s always busy everytime I passed by - perhaps another case of the high rent driving out vendor?

Forgive me, oh ho, if this has been posted before, but the space occupied by the late, great Strip T’s is now Avenue Deli. If you each send me $50, I’m prepared to take one on your behalf and test the pastrami.

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I just googled it and there is a deli by the same name in Lexington.

Sigh. It looks like just another Boar’s Head place. Bummer. https://www.1806avenuedeli.com/

I had noticed the Avenue Deli in Lex before I posted – it is not clear to me the two are connected. The Lex one does appear to be a “Boar’s Head place”, but I am not sure the Watertown one is.

My generous offer to HO still stands.

I don’t think they are connected


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I’m in for $45pp. LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


pin ming bubble tea has opened in the old cuong’s vegan location on beach street in chinatown

I was not born yesterday – or even in this millennium (by which I mean in the 2000s, I hasten to add, not “the last thousand years”) – so you cannot trick me with your cunningry. Just for you, I have a special price of $75.

Bad joking aside, I do mean to try them.

Yes, your link is the one that I linked to in my post. The two “Ave Deli” websites are very dissimilar and neither claims a connection with the other – unless I am missing some fine print.

It looks pretty tasty in the picture although sliced very thin. Do report back. :wink:

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Sorry if I jumped to conclusions. I’ll be pretty excited if we have an independent deli with house-made meats close by. Am I confusing the two links, though, or is that a Boar’s Head logo at the top of the Watertown link? Either way, here’s wishing them well.