June 2017 - Home Cooking DOTM Nominations

Please provide you nominations for the June 2017 Homecooking Dish of the Month.

Nominations are open until midnight of May 30, 2017, Pacific Standard Tme.

Please write the dish you are nominating in ALL CAPS.

Think seasonal! :sunny: :surfing_woman:t2::cherries::cucumber::strawberry::green_salad: :sunny:


(Yes, I grill meat, fish, chicken – if it once moved, I’ve grilled it – but I feel that’s an easy option. Smoke+char+flesh pretty much does it. With vegetables you have to think more, I think, about how much to char, and what to use as an accompaniment. But I’m totally cool, ecstatic even, with grilled meat.)

(I plan to nominate home-made ice cream in July, and, if that fails, again in August.)

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GRILLED / SMOKED . It’s time to cook outside after the long winter .

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Does grilled/smoked qualify as a dish?

It’s Bookwich’s call, but here’s my 2¢: “grilled/smoked” is a cooking method, rather than a dish, I agree, but it can be converted to a class of dishes by saying “grilled/smoked things” where things could be vegetables, meats, etc. Although, for the reasons I’d mentioned, I have a preference for narrowing the focus to grilled vegetables, my vote is flexible and can accommodate “grilled/smoked vegetables, meat, chicken and fish.” We might get a larger set of responses with a broader approach. Just my opinion.

Yawn… for grilled vegetables . Asparagus was pretty boring . Just my two cents .:no_mouth:

It is a method, rather than a dish. Because our cooking group is fairly small right now, I think it would be more inclusive to allow broad categories, such as a cooking method or ingredient, rather than a specific dish, at this point.

This is open to discussion, of course.

I’ve been eating so much asparagus, but mostly in boring ways, so I haven’t posted every grilled or sautéed asparagus I ate recently. I’m yet to be bored enough to fancy it up. :slight_smile:

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Okay, so here’s a DOTM that in my house involves grilling; dinner salads. I don’t use the stove pretty much til late October. Our grilling season dinners involve large (now home grown) salads with grilled proteins, meat, poultry, fish, and often grilled ratatouille, served as a side to steaks or mixed into our salad.

Dinner salads with grilled components?


+1 on everything bookwich says.

(There may be a lesson in this: if a food is seasonal and is best eaten as simply as possible, it may not be ideal as the basis for a DOTM. The creative variations that people are likely to use will be small. Having said that, I thought the asparagus thread did throw up a number of interesting ideas.)

Whether it’s meat or veg, I think GRILLED or SMOKED (or both) is great for June.


Hi, I’m bumping this thread up in case anyone else would like to nominate a dish.

Voting ends May 30, 2017.