June 2016, Boston and assorted areas. Openings and Closings!

Per an e-mail from Jody Adams, Rialto will be closing on June 22. It had been previously reported that Jody would leave, but the original story was that Rialto would live on. However this has now changed.

As this is a hotel space, it will likely be replaced with something else.

My wife popped in last night and got a Thali plate, everything was excellent. Looks like a good addition to the hood.

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Thank you for the report. Almost stopped today for lunch, but my dining companion wasn’t in the car. I didn’t think he would be impressed if I ate out without him.

Some photos, here: http://www.sushirrito.com/food/sf - I’ve not been thrilled with those I’ve tried (at a different restaurant).

am wondering if this is true though as the trend in recent years has been for hotels to close their fine dining in favor of event space – as happened at both the taj and the four seasons. henrietta’s table and noir remain as outlets and ht already serves 3 meals a day.

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We tried Southern Kin Cookhouse at Assembly last night. Nice space, very noisy. Service was a bit confused, they’ve only been open a few days, but the GM stopped by and took our order after we were sitting for 15 minutes even with lots of empty tables and seeing people who came in after we did served drinks. Server was extremely apologetic and GM was friendly and helpful. We just got apps…a wedge salad, biscuits, and the fried okra, which was cut horizontally, extremely good (I’m from the south and love fried okra when done well). Not at all slimy or greasy. I liked the biscuits better than Sweet Cheeks. We’ll go back, despite the noise.

Thanks for the report, I’ve been very curious about this place. I was a little taken aback by their prices ($34 for a steak, $28 for frogmore stew, $21 for chicken & waffles) but if the biscuits are that good, that’s a good sign. I was hoping for a casual spot for southern food, but it’ll have to be a “special night” sort of spot.

we usually only get apps when going out…budget and need to get home to the kid. The prices at Assembly in general are kind of high, to my experience, but we don’t eat steak so I don’t have any comparison points. The biscuits were good and I enjoyed the leftovers toasted with butter this morning, even though the other adult in my household put them in the refrigerator overnight. They don’t have that metallic lots of baking soda taste that’s very unfortunate to me. I’d get the biscuits and the fried okra again in a second, and want to try the pimento cheese fritters, the mac and cheese, and the collards.

You are correct, I suppose I am hoping more than assuming Rialto will be replaced by another restaurant. The event space conversion is a regrettable trend for sure. I understand the economics, however the loss of Aujourd’hui and the Ritz rooftop were real blows. I can’t understand how the Four Seasons gets away with having one restaurant for the entire hotel. It’s simply not acceptable for a 5 star hotel.

I’m hoping we won’t hear it becomes “grab and go”

the hotel remains privately owned and is a bit too upscale for that, i hope, at least.

the economics of events vs. fine dining is a siren song hard to resist.

ibasaw (seafood buffet, sushi, and shabu) has opened on middlesex street in malden

So burrito sized maki rolls. Hmm…

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I think I also saw this posted on Hidden Boston or one of the other local sites, but CJ restaurant on Hancock St in Quincy is officially shuttered and supposedly in renovation mode. CJ was owned by the peeps who ran Rainbow in Chinatown those years ago. The local rumor is that the people who own Winsor are taking over and opening an outpost in Quincy.

seems like the same owners as fiskie’s cafe

Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, but The Hopewell is now open in Allston on Comm Ave in the old Shanghai Social Club spot. Web site says New American.

Commune Kitchen is now open in the former Zocalo space in East Arlington. Can anyone chime in with early experiences?


el chalan has opened a branch in the old el pulgarcito/el salvador restaurant location on western ave in lynn

Smoke Shop BBQ in Kendall opens this Saturday.

Peter Sward (Ferrari) just visited and mentioned it in CH and in his blog: