June 2016, Boston and assorted areas. Openings and Closings!

Asleep at the switch this morning and forgot to start this thread. Anything new out there?

Yumi Hot Pot & Sushi in Davis Square seems to have closed; a sign in the window promises that bento boxes, ramen, and “sushi burritos” are coming soon.

Hopefully this is the month Smoke Shop BBQ opens in Kendall.

Luke’s Lobster is opening a location on Washington Street in Downtown Crossing, timing TBD.

Sushi burritos…:confused:

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Big new trend at the west coast together with poke bowls

Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but O Ya in Harvard Square is closed.

O Ya is in the Leather District, and is very much open as of last week or so. Did you mean a different restaurant?

I am guessing this might be a re-branding or concept switch. After several times of strolling by and looking at their pricey menu coupled with empty interior, I sort of took it off my radar.

Is it a tortilla wrapper with rice and sushi-type fillings? Or a large piece of nori made in the shape of a burrito? This trend is not yet apparent here…

Oath Pizza in Davis looks like it might be open in the next month. Walking by, the reno looks pretty far along. I think it’s funny that you can see Mike’s and Flatbread Pizzas from their front door (and possibly Christo’s if you crane your neck) but I am actually guessing their concept is different enough that they could do well. Unlike the fro-yo trifecta of a few years ago, pizza can be pretty different…

I haven’t tried it myself yet but it is wrapped in a large nori

Maybe OSushi, which apparently just closed?

Friends of mine who’ve tried their pizza at their South Station location were impressed: picture ordering pizza Chipotle-style, with your toppings included in the price, and having an individual pizza made in front of you, then cooked in about a minute and a half. They said the crust and toppings were surprisingly good. I’ll definitely give it a shot.

this is really kind of interesting…Eater Boston reports that Best Little Restaurant has reopened in Chinatown after a makeover from the Shojo team. (I did not know that one of the people from Shojo has family that have been involved with Best Little for 30 years) New dishes from Mark O’Leary, exec chef of Shojo. Soft shell crab egg foo young and roasted bone marrow with scallion pancakes sound pretty promising.

But I hope they still have the squab, because that was always one of my favorite things there.

Sorry…I meant O Sushi in Harvard Square, on Eliot Street.

Boston Magazine has pics of the 20 item opening menu for Best Little Restaurant. Apparently they are also working on new versions of BLR classics, to which I can only say BRING BACK THE SQUAB

Mint Indian Eatery in Powderhouse Square has opened. Looks like an interesting mix of Indian and Nepali street foods I haven’t seen elsewhere around here: kati rolls, keema bara, and samosa chaat as well as mo mos.

Kimchi Kitchen in East Cambridge has closed temporarily. Announcement states “We are closed for repairs for several weeks.”

There’s a new place in Quincy at 666 (I kid you not) Hancock St called Chili Square. The Chinese name is [Mandarin] Kou Kou Xiang / [Cantonese] Hau Hau Heung. Looks like it specializes in spicy foods, and also Lan Zhou beef noodles, so doesn’t seem to be a Sichuan place per se. Tiny place that looks like it may seat 10-15 at most. Had a grand opening sign when I passed by this weekend. Not sure how long it’s been open.

Oath was open for business when I biked by last night.

The concept for Oath appears very similar to that of the &pizza chain in the DC area - sort of an assembly line where you order, then the pizza prep occurs via a line of workers who roll the dough, top it, and flash bake it. I thought that the product from & pizza was a lot better than it sounds and hope that Oath can be equally successful.