June 10th HOdown at Aberdeen [White Plains]

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We will try voting again here due to a tie. I am not using the site poll because the anonymous-ness of it made it too complicated. Please indicate your first choice only between the following simply by replying to this post.

  1. Aberdeen dim sum
  2. Chappaqua farmers’ market-- Doughnation will be there (we will need a rain backup for this so the second choice will be the rain backup)
  3. The Cookery
  4. Captain Lawrence brewery

Respond as soon as possible so we can make reservations if necessary.

Any others interested in attending, you may also express your opinion here!


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Chappaqua Market



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I’m going to vote for Aberdeen as well.

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Aberdeen seems to be in the lead! I will cast my vote for Captain Lawrence but I’m MORE than happy to go to Aberdeen as well!

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Aberdeen it is! This should make for a great HOdown. Does anyone know if they take reservations?

If anyone else is interested in joining the five of us, please reply here. I am going to change the title of this thread to reflect our decision.

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Count me in for 6/10.

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Would like to, but can’t commit. We’re having house guests.

Count me in at Aberdeen also.

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Sorry, I won’t be there. There’s too much stuff I can’t eat there due to dietary restrictions and I didn’t enjoy what I did eat the one time I was there. Maybe next time.

@Westjanie @MisterBill Hope we will see you at the next HOdown! Where would you like to see a gathering happen? Please make sure to chime in with ideas when planning starts for the next.

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We’d love to meet you so please suggest a place that would work for you. I too have issues with certain foods - Asian being one of them! BTW - check out my last review of Dish.

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I wish you had recommended a place. Where would you have suggested?

I love the idea of the Chappaqua farmer’s market when DoughNation will be there, but seating will be an issue unless someone can bring a folding table and chairs (and the market manager allows you to set it up). There’s plenty of room for an extra table but not a lot of seating and it would be wrong to take all of the tables. I would have done Imperial Wok but it seems that’s not good for you. Exit 4 Food Hall also seems like a good choice since everyone can get what they want.

I don’t like the parking fee but the new food court at The Westchester would be an interesting choice. I’ll actually be there this Saturday because I need to go there and have no choice.

I’ve never been to Captain Lawrence. Do you just order food at the counter or are there servers? If it’s counter ordering, that would be a great choice, too.

PS sorry to hear about Dish. It’s very disappointing when a repeat visit ends up being so different than the initial visit, and especially when the same dish isn’t the same as it was the first time! I am interested in hearing if the owner does anything for you when you write to him.

I will let you know. Although, I read a review someone did who,had similar issues, and when he complained to management they told him to eat at McDonalds!

I have not been to the Chappaqua market but plan to go. Would love to go,when dough nation is there!

I really like the Chappaqua market, I’ve never seen so many samples at a farmer’s market – it’s even better than Costco! If you are looking specifically for DoughNation, it appears that they’ll be in Irvington every Sunday starting June 4th. Of course, you need to check in advance since sometimes they will cancel if they get a private party.

Disappointing to hear that kind of attitude from a chef/owner. When you look at the website, it is clear (at least it is to me) that he has a very high opinion of himself. I guess he doesn’t take well to criticism!

Yes and unfortunately sometimes,that translates into a bad attitude for a business owner.

Though I’d love to,try dough nation, that won’t be my criteria for when I hit the market. That will be a Saturday when I’m in the mood to keep going passed A&S when doing my Saturday food rounds!!

The Dough Nation pizza truck will be in Chappaqua June 10 and 17!!!

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