June 10th HOdown at Aberdeen [White Plains]

If anyone wants to grab a pie at the market before going to dim sum, I’m down… :slight_smile:


Love to! When that truck comes to town, I run!

Pizza + dim sum sounds like overkill. Why don’t you guys just change the HOdown to Chappaqua? I’d bow out (80 minute round trip for me plus I don’t like the way DoughNation operates with regards to fundraisers), but I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade. Besides, going to a dim sum meal on a full stomach isn’t worth doing IMO. No hard feelings if you change it.

You are right, definitely overkill… I was 95% joking. :slight_smile:

I think it’s good to have another idea in reserve for the next gathering. Actually, the Parlor would be better than Doughnation because there wouldn’t be a seating issue.

Curious about the fundraising issue?

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Yes, I agree. Let’s keep it as planned.

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Everything still a go? What time?

Does noon work for everyone?

@winecountrygirl @Homestyleturkey @Foodygrandma

If anyone else is interested please let us know asap as we will be making a reservation this week.

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Noon is good for me.

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Looking forward to meeting some of you at a future HOdown. Unfortunately, the dates have not worked with my schedule, so far. Hope it works out well…

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To answer some questions:
This gathering is intended for adults 18+. Also, if attendance goes below three people, we will postpone until a date when more people can attend. We’ve lost a couple of attendees so we are at 3 right now. @Foodygrandma, please check your inbox for details.

I have a houseful of out of town relatives, and Saturday will include some more local ones in order to socialize, so cannot come. I like the idea of meeting at Aberdeen, but this week will not work for me.

@Homestyleturkey @Foodygrandma and I had a fantastic dim sum lunch at Aberdeen in White Plains today. Thanks to HST’s ordering know-how we ended up with a plethora of delicious dishes. My favorite were the pork shu mai and the mini pork buns. We also had a noodle dish that had some great texture differences to it, crispy in some places and soft in others, soup dumplings, har gow (shrimp in glass noodle wrappers-- correct me if I have the name wrong), turnip cake, fried taro dumplings, and maybe a couple other things? We ended the meal with a delicious egg custard bun, which I’ve never had before, which was a sweet, comfort food ending to a parade of well-executed dim sum dishes. The service was quick and attentive and for $25 each, including tax and tip, we had quite a feast. We had plenty of restaurant and food conversation to keep us busy throughout our meal and I really enjoyed getting to know both of my lunch companions! This was the perfect option for a group as we were able to sample so many different dishes!


Great HOdown with ieatalotoficecream and Foodygrandma!

It was my first time having Aberdeen’s soy sauce noodles (made with mei fun) and we all enjoyed them. We tried both their steamed and baked char siu bao, pork siu mai, xiao long bao, taro puffs, har gow, chive dumplings, turnip cakes (which tasted a little too fishy for me), and baked egg custard buns since they ran out of egg tarts. I don’t think there were any real clunkers in the bunch. We had a great time tasting and talking.

Because it was such an intimate group, we got some insight into each other’s backgrounds. If you couldn’t make it today, please consider attending the next one. It really was a good time.

Many, many thanks to ieatalotoficecream, winecountrygirl, and biondanima for all of the time they spent and stress they endured in making this happen.


Thank you homestyleturkey and eatalotoficecream for the in depth descriptions above of our fantastic meetup at Aberdeen. Far better job than I could have done. It was a pleasure meeting both of you. Great discussions about food, food and more food. Venue was perfect for conversations and variety of food for sharing. And thank you also to winecountrygirl and biondanima for your preparation. Too bad you were not able to make it today. Hopefully we will meet next time along with other posters on HO.


@Homestyleturkey @Foodygrandma - hope to meet you next go around! Glad you enjoyed it.

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Glad you had such a great time and such fabulous food! I’m sorry I missed it, but I look forward to meeting you all at the next one!

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