Jumbo lump crab

Looking for info on ordering jumbo lump crab online. Anyone have good or bad experiences to share?
I know it is $$$$. My local fish store doesn’t get it in any longer bc of the price. But I’ve been longing for crab cakes!


Small world. We received our holiday order two days ago.

I like to think it depends on where you are and what kind of crab. I want live Dungeness where I am (fortunate to have the option, I know), but would want blue crab when I lived near the Chesapeake . Might matter less for frozen crab cakes.

This place has Dungeness, and I buy fish from here, but I haven’t bought crab.

giovannis fishmarket

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Thanks Rooster, just the kind of rec I wanted. Looks perfect.
If you are ever looking for mail order lobsters, Harbor fish in Portland ME has been our go to for decades!

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