Julia coming soon

This movie is produced by Ron Howard. I can’t wait to see it!


There’s also a new TV series called Julia set to debut on HBO Max sometime this year.

“HBO Max will air the eight-episode first season as a Max Original—and yes, they do refer to it as a “first season,” meaning if fans enjoying seeing a dramatic recreation of Julia Child’s life, there could be much more to come.”


Speaking of Julia - does anyone do the Sunday New York Times Crossword Puzzle? It’s Julia themed.


Yep. Someone posted about this (maybe here, maybe elsewhere).

I don’t recall seeing it anywhere but that doesn’t mean it isn’t somewhere. It is a fun puzzle though I still have more blanks than I would like.

Ask me anything!

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? - YouTube


African or European?


Here it is:


Thanks for the offer. I still have a bunch of blanks in the upper left hand corner but am not ready to give up yet.

Mr Bean and I have been the puzzle together since college - more years than I care to admit to. Sometimes we work on it together, sometimes we pass it back and forth, filling in the blanks. We have very different techniques so I find the passing method better. Even after all these years, we are not very good and don’t always finish before the next one comes (we still get the paper, making it easier to work on at a moment’s notice). But we always find it fun. From a professional standpoint, Mr Bean thinks doing puzzles are good for your brain.


I can’t find the crossword! Can someone help?

Brilliant. Almost but not quite enough to get me into a theater. I’ll wait until I can stream it from somewhere. It is enough that I’d sign up to another service to get it. In the meantime I’ll watch Julie & Julia again.

It was the Sunday puzzle from 7/18. And the theme is food-related, not food per se.

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Interesting on how people approach crosswords differently. Husband and I mirror your cooperative approach, complementing each other. He uses the clue, while I look at word formation, as in “what does that partial word suggest”.

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After so many years together we’ve developed a pretty good process. I do usually start the puzzle and answer all the clues as quickly as I can (the same way I approach standardized tests). Sometimes it’s a lot, sometimes not. Thanks for the offer of help. I was having a blank on a clue but once I got it everything else fell into place.

@shrinkrap Thanks for quoting yourself from the other thread on the the crossword topic. I totally missed it. Were you able to access the puzzle?

This is what I found in “the archives” for July 18.

Yes, that’s it. Look at 31, 38, 65, 92, 101 and 119 across. And the title, also.

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That’ the one. Enjoy!

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