7/18/21 NYT Crossword

Without too much of a hint, today’s New York Times crossword has a culinary theme. Fun!


And it was too easy! Need someone more obscure to challenge me.

The acrostic has a food theme too.

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I wish I was smart enough to solve acrostics. But alas.

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I’ve not tried those for years but wanted to try this one. I can’t even find it, so it’s not looking like I’ve gotten any smarter. Any clues? I have a subscription , downloaded the app, and looked at the archived, mini, and daily ptions for July 18th, but don’t see a food one. Or maybe I see one and can’t even tell!

It’s the daily crossword for 7/18. Just happens to have a foodie theme.

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Thank you! Bon Appétit has one in their August edition too.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold