Julia Child~ Boeuf Bourguignon~

For some reason it is always comforting to watch her cook. I also get a kick out of how she just puts the used pans on the floor :wink:


Actually, I’m pretty sure that work island had shelves under the counter into which she slid the used pans. But a bit later, she also had staff that was sitting on the floor out of camera’s view that handed her the plates or utensils she needed. :smile:

I noticed she cut the tied beef with the string still on - but I couldn’t tell if she ended up pulling the string off those chunks of beef, or if it wasn’t used.

Such a difference in the old B&W shows to the later color shows as well! Just imagine what that Bœuf Bourguignon looked like in color!

I wondered the same thing!

Nowadays they would make sure to show the removal of the string. Cuz sure as heck, some idiot would sue them for not explaining how to not eat string.

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Anyone else watch this and think “I have no excuse” after seeing her coil hobs and the pans she is using?


Our dear late friend Sam Fujisaka did great cooking in Cali, Colombia, with less than wonderful cookware.

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