Joe Amiels Bay Pointe Inn, Highlands NJ is open I've heard mixed reviews anyone been?


Beach Tavern has dock and dine, I was there yesterday,with my family and there were slips for dock and dine, the dock master told me the fuel dock was also available too after hours


My buddy is a clammer there and parks down near the river. They generally go out early and you can usually tell what trucks they drive. They don’t drive g wagons, ranges, and cayennes lol.

So I have no clue what’s up. The outside dining area will be empty and the parking will be filled during off hours. I’ve been twice. The first time I waited for maybe 7 or 8 minutes and someone luckily left but it was a mess. The second time I was with my parents and after 2 minutes someone left right in front, so we got lucky.

There really isn’t much parking locally so I assume a lot of the cars are staff but I could be wrong.

I think I might ask jerry from inlet to bring me over one day and bring a cooler full of beer. I’d like to work my way through some dishes there. The rib app is pretty decent.

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Review from 2014:

And when BBs still had this, some bu++holes at the marina put sugar in my friends gas tank. It took him weeks to get the engine running right again.

My guess is the people renting the slips complained about loud, boorish, drunken patrons leaving at all hours of the morning.

There were also a few accidents on the river involving drinking there, at least one of them was fatal. :skull_and_crossbones:

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Friends don’t let friends eat at Bahrs. Overpriced, awful food, obnoxious patrons (lots of NY people).

If you must, eat in the bar off season. The fried clams in the bar are pretty good.

Moby’s is also ok, but would not be a destination for me.

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Like this?

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Ahi poke bowl was solid, red snapper special really good. Skirt steak was tender and prepared well, but way too garlicky for my taste. I forget what it’s called but clams chorizo and stuff was good as well.


Yes the poke bowl was good. I didn’t see the skirt steak. Was that a special? I saw the hangar steak and I will try that soon, but I’m definitely more of a skirt steak fan.

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Isn’t this the old “Something Fishy”?

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Sorry, hanger steak…you are correct.


Ha! That has come up a lot recently!


Good to know that Beach Tavern now offers d&d. Thanks!



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Is the seafood market in the back still open?


Don’t know. Haven’t been to 2nd Jetty yet.

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any updates? Has it gotten any better?

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Add Shrimp Box to the list of Dock n Dines.


I saw a guy I know who owns local liquor store and eats out fairly often. I asked him about this place and he said, “I spent 140 dollars on cafeteria food”

He didn’t say it jokingly either. Not good

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To quote @NotJrvedivici, “Eeuuwww!”

Unfortunately, they have a liquor license.


I still haven’t made it here but I keep checking Yelp reviews. Owner Joe replies to every review and offers to refund costs of unsatisfactory meals or buy the patron another meal. He acknowledges the restaurant’s shortcomings. I admire when management owns it. I hope they can make the desired improvements. I really need a decent dock and dine.


Finally made it here last night- left unimpressed. The restaurant is beautiful as noted elsewhere. We had a server who I knew from Sally Tee days. Drinks were really good I must say. An app of grilled oysters was blah as was chopped salad. We were a table of eight people. When the mains came, the server and runners did the normal “who gets the chicken” sort of thing. Mains of grouper and fisherman’s platter were ok . My cheeseburger with bacon was probably the best dish of the night, although the fries were served cold.

All in all, Joes was what I was hoping it wouldn’t be…just another restaurant with no reason to return.