Joe Amiels Bay Pointe Inn, Highlands NJ is open I've heard mixed reviews anyone been?

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Welcome to the forum. Are you from monmouth county and just out of curiousity, how did you find us? We’re trying to grow the community here so I’m just wondering.

Mods, this place is in highlands where the old original oyster used to be if you want to update the subject.

I haven’t been but I hear good things and apprently the building is just top notch.


I keep my boat at the marina and had been anticipating this opening for over a year. The building is beautiful with some outside seating as well as an outside bar which serves food (limited menu)

I’ve only been once so far and sat outside on a Saturday afternoon. They only serve a limited menu during that time but what I had (coconut shrimp appetizer/sliced filet mignon on toast) was very good. As I said I was mainly going for drinks and apps, but I will say that the service was really really spotty (long wait from initial sit down until drinks, even longer wait until food came out).

I did mention it to the manager as we were leaving and was asked for details on timing etc. Joe is a long time Jersey Shore restaurant owner of several successful ventures (Old Mill Inn, Sallee Tees), and the feeling that I get is that they are genuinely interested in making things right.

I have seen several Yelp reviews which confirmed my feelings about the service, followed by Joe’s response to them that he would issue a full refund to them. They did rush to open and should have probably delayed it until they were comfortable with the proper staffing, but given the location and time of year, it looks like he gambled and is paying for it now.

I’ll reserve total judgement on food until I go for proper dinner but that probably wont be for a few more weeks to hopefully give them time to find their feet.

After reading the yelp reviews, I think I’m gonna pass.

Looking forward to a place to dock and dine!

mixed feelings here- will prob try this place, the list of dine and dock places in the Monmouth County shore area is weak at best and you pay an absurd tax for it. I like that the owner seems to be engaging dissatisfied customers to try to remedy the problems, but at same time I feel like we the public shouldn’t have to suffer yet another over priced shore tax establishment that doesn’t deliver price to quality to value.
Hopefully they can get this place turned around and humming. Would like to see the 36 area thrive as Highlands and AH are both turning out some nice places to eat on their little strips.

Mets fan can you recomend some dock and dines?

List of spots…

Wind n sea and inlet cafe are next to each other
Barnacle bills
Molly pitcher
Beach tavern
Maybe oyster point but not sure
The old Clam hut…not sure whats going on there.
More touristy places are bahrs and mobys.
2nd jetty
Tiki bar

I’m not recommending all these, just a list for Shrewsbury and navesink

A friend of mine who docked and dined at Barnacles got sugar in his gas tank, so I would be really careful there.

Clam Hut is one of the things we lost in the storm.

So is ye olde Cottage Inn in Keyport.

What I would like to know is how this guy Amiel got an $ 8.5 million grant to build a marina and restaurant in that exposed location after so many got nothing after Sandy:

Or maybe I don’t. Could end up sleeping with fishes rather than enjoying them on my plate.

I was never a big fan of Sallie Tees, I always found their approach other than the bar to be somewhat lackadaisical. Ok for brunch if you were not in a big hurry.

They did have a good bar burger with a view, however, and some oyster specials too.

So schAmiels new place might be worth a try…

If you belong to a local boat club (MBC, AH, Shrewsbury River, Shrewsbury, Rumson, Keyport), under reciprocity you can dock at any of the other clubs for an evening.

This means you can walk to pretty much any restaurant in Atlantic Highlands, Red Bank or Keyport, including places like Christine’s, Harbor side, Copper Canyon, Catch, Via 45, Robinson Ale House, Keyport Fishery, Drew’s, McDonaghs, etc.

Basically you are only limited by how far you are willing to walk. Also, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, it’s usually a good idea to check in advance with the docks supervisor.

All the clubs also have dinner nights which are on their calendars, for some of these you need to reserve, for some not.

Keyport Yacht Club also has a bar, so you can grab a night cap there after dinner.

You may also be able to dock short term with the various municipal marinas, most usually have temp slips which you can use if you are not overnighting.

This is a pretty extensive list.

Have only done D & D at Eventide and the Oceanport Marina. Eventide burger was pretty good, we ate on the boat as it gets packed and a bit rowdy later on at night, food is pretty good, drinks good; times we have gone crowds have been heavy and we notices a cal arguments over people wanting slip spots and those lingering.
Oceanport marina is such a waste, sad that it’s got so much potential but run as a glorified snack stand. Perhaps they are just trying to hold on until the fort is further rebuilt, but I feel like that place could be a gem given the right people in charge.
Molly Pitcher is good, but a bit more upscale for the list, would be a killer brunch D&D though.
Beach Tavern would be a good spot to hit up- love that area as well.
Didn’t realize Barnacles does D&D, know they have a marina but didn’t know it was open to public. Great burgers. Salad with house egg based dressing, fried zucchinis.

Would prob rank Barnacles, Beach taken as top 2, with Molly pitcher next (#1 for brunch) and then Eventide. Haven’t done inlet or Wind N Sea. Believe Inlet is good for appys from what. I hear.

Better yet how did he get $8.5 million after bankrupting sallee tee’s

Without any personal knowledge of this my guess would be the Sallee Tee’s bankruptcy was a corporate bankruptcy vs. a personal. With a corporate bankruptcy that was caused by a natural disaster it’s not going to prohibit him from getting new business financing.

$8.5 million was the cost of the entire marina project (there is housing being built as well but not sure if that is included in this figure) He is not involved in the marina to my knowledge past owning the restaurant.

The $8.5 million project to improve and expand the marina is one of the largest private investment reconstruction projects post-Super Storm Sandy, and qualified for a grant under the National Boating Infrastructure Grant Program, according to the developer.

The soil, which is the basis for the new construction at the site, was dredged from the bottom of the bay and meets the new standards FEMA has set for construction since Super Storm Sandy. Dredging the bay also guarantees an eight-foot depth even at mean low tide for all vessels. Upon completion, the marina will be able to accommodate vessels from 25 to 70 plus feet in length.

James Bollerman, president and CEO of Sandy Hook Developers, LLC, credited federal, state and local officials for working together to help acquire the necessary permits and waivers to open the expanded and renovated Sandy Hook Bay Marina.

Barnacle Bill’s hasn’t had dock and dine for years.

Beach Tavern does not have dock and dine.

Windansea/Inlet can be a hassle unless Jerry is in a good mood.

We’ve docked and dined at Eventide twice recently. Spaces fill quickly. The food here has improved enough to keep going back.

2nd Jetty does not yet offer dock and dine.

Boat friends have recently suggested Bahr’s. We’ll see…maybe.

I wish the towns would offer transient docking. I think only Atlantic Highlands offers it.

We’re going to propose making our marina a yacht club!

Considering their popularity and lack of parking if they do start offering it, you might make some gas money running a water taxi service. :wink:

What is with the parking there? Even if it isn’t dinner time it is still pretty filled. Is that all the staff?

I’m not sure, I’ve only been once. When we arrived for an early dinner we got one of the last spots down by the river. When we left it was a bit of a shitshow in the lot as people were waiting for spots and others were trying to leave. I heard from a friend of mine that they tried to go on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week and could not find parking so they went elsewhere.

If it is staff, that would be ridiculous to allow them to take spots during dinner. If you are speaking about during the day there seems to be working clammers in the back building. Purification plant?? I’m not sure.