Joe Amiels Bay Pointe Inn, Highlands NJ is open I've heard mixed reviews anyone been?


I still haven’t made it here but I keep checking Yelp reviews. Owner Joe replies to every review and offers to refund costs of unsatisfactory meals or buy the patron another meal. He acknowledges the restaurant’s shortcomings. I admire when management owns it. I hope they can make the desired improvements. I really need a decent dock and dine.


Finally made it here last night- left unimpressed. The restaurant is beautiful as noted elsewhere. We had a server who I knew from Sally Tee days. Drinks were really good I must say. An app of grilled oysters was blah as was chopped salad. We were a table of eight people. When the mains came, the server and runners did the normal “who gets the chicken” sort of thing. Mains of grouper and fisherman’s platter were ok . My cheeseburger with bacon was probably the best dish of the night, although the fries were served cold.

All in all, Joes was what I was hoping it wouldn’t be…just another restaurant with no reason to return.

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Yep. And they have the liquor license.

So expect the mediocre food and service to continue…


I wasn’t impressed with Joe at Sallee Tee’s either I think Sal did a much better job there, just saying

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I thought Sallie Tees was reliable for the burger and some clams or oysters at happy hour on special.

But I know others who used to swear by it.


I never saw Joe when he was part of Sallee Tee’s. He left a smarmy manager there in his place–the same person who later ran North Beach Grille into the ground.

When I tried to explain a service problem that I had at Sallee Tee’s, one easily rectified, the manager looked right through me and said words that made it clear he did not hear me at all.

Joe appears to be much more “present” at Bay Pointe Inn.


I miss the pickle bar from sallee tees. I don’t recall a single great dish there but I do remember tanking some serious pickles


Despite recent mixed reviews, we decided to go again on Sunday night for dinner. My experience was 100% better than the first time we went. The service was outstanding…looks like they have added a floor manager as a gentleman came around twice to ask if everything was to our liking (service/food quality, etc). We were early (about half hour) for our reservation as we had just gotten in from sailing and showered/etc at the marina. They had no problem seating us as we waited for another couple to arrive and we had some drinks and split an appetizer while waiting (6pm res)

We split a coconut shrimp app to start, which I loved. Wife had a filet (just a touch overdone but she was happy with it) and I had grilled grouper special which I liked very much. I know they are a bit behind the 8 ball with some of our crowd due to the time tested inverse relationship between water views and food quality, but to be fair I think their major problem has been service related, which seems to be taking a turn for the better. Of course they will always be crowded due to the fantastic atmosphere, but I can’t say enough good things about my latest visit.

(Full disclosure I get a 10% discount since I keep my boat at the marina, but I’m not one to normally complain about pricing, even when I go to Undici)

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I will bet not so much weekdays once the snow starts to fly, especially at their price levels.

They are a bit off the beaten path, during the week it was usually no problem to get a table at Doris & Ed’s.


Yeah fair point

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We made it here last night. 7pm reservations and we arrived about 15 minutes late which wasn’t a problem as the place was only half full. (full disclosure the GM here is an old good friend of mine). We were brought to our table a nice large booth which during the day would have offered beautiful views. I really like the layout of the place enhanced by a live piano player. During the summer there is a large tiki bar and plenty of outdoor water front dining. It’s a very nice place

We were greeted by our waitress served fresh pop-overs with two butters. I’m not a big pop over kind of guy but these were very good and hot out of the oven.

Drinks were served and the order was taken;

Appetizers: Shrimp cocktail - oysters - Manhattan clam chowder (you can add soup and desert to Amy entree for $10. ) All appetizers were excellent, they had choice of East vs West coast oysters and the shrimp were tru jumbo. (U-12? Although only 3 to order) Soup received high marks by my daughter.

Entrees: Filet Mignon and grilled shrimp, 12 oz prime aged strip, broiled seafood combo, sole francese, broiled cod over asparagus, sides asparagus mushroom risotto and creamed spinach.

The seafood all received high marks, fresh and well prepared. The filet Mignon and shrimp my son enjoyed and my steak was good but nothing great. Again my own fault ordering a steak at a primarily a seafood restaurant, wasn’t bad by any means but it wasn’t great either. Risotto was creamy and delicious as was the creamed spinach but it is my guess the spinach is pre-plated and heated to order/serve.

Desert was chocolate mousse and was good.

All in all a very nice night in a beautiful environment. Service was excellent however my friend was hovering to ensure everything was taken care of. My observations of the rest of the tables and service was good regardless of the extra attention we received.

$274. Without tip for 5- with 2 rounds of drinks.

Definitely a thumbs up experience and will be added to my must return to list.


Good to hear this place is on point. I have been meaning to try it, like a lot of other spots. At 275 for 5, I assume you only had 2 adults drinking? (Maybe 3)

I hear the building is just beautiful.

I tried inkanto for the first time last night. Let’s just say “don’t rush here” :):wink:

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You know what, the first round of drinks was comped by my friend, we subsequently ordered 3 maybe 4 other drinks after the initial round. Say safely 3 more possibly 4.

The pop-overs were a nice touch and the girl comes around with a basket replenishing as needed. Much better than my last trip to Shipwreck Point where in the menu it says: “ 1 Popover included with meal additional available at $2.00 each” that really pissed me off.

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FYI closing out the year at Christine’s tonight!!!


Yeah I just responded to the other post. What did you eat?

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C’mon CJ!?!?! Veal chop Christine!! There were 3 or 4 strip steak specials at the table which were very well received.

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I just realized I was negligent in mentioning I made a return trip here last Friday night for my “official” Friday in Lent Birthday Dinner. Since my wife is a waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better Catholic than I, I decided to come here for my actual birthday so I could be the good Catholic boy she thought she married. (yes I fake it)

First biggest difference between this and my last visit, the place was jumping! The bar was near full, the restaurant was mostly - if not full. The piano player was working those bones and the place had a real good vibe about it.

I had the broiled seafood platter which was fresh and good. Only critique was I had to ask for drawn butter, not sure why it’s not served with it. For the record for those of you who don’t know, I’m a steak more than seafood guy, so my palate might not be as sophisticated when it comes to seafood as others but I found this to be very good. (for the record my favorite broiled seafood platter is actually from the All Seasons Diner in Eatontown…so take that for what it’s worth lol)

There were 6 of us and even though it was less than a week ago, all I remember is my daughter had a linguine in clam sauce that she enjoyed, there were no complaints or criticisms of any of the dishes. This was a clearer night than my first trip so we saw a couple of the ferry’s come and go, come the summer this place should be a hot spot with the outside tiki bar.

It’s a shame that it’s so far off the beaten trail for me or I would try to come more often. Full disclosure as above one of the managers is an old friend of mine, so I enjoy doing what I can to support friends. That aside I encourage anyone who likes fresh seafood to give them a shot.


Has anyone been here lately? We’re considering going tomorrow by boat and spending the mid- to late afternoon at the Captain’s Bar. My concern is that we went by there last Saturday and the Captain’s Bar did not appear to be open. Inexplicable considering that every other waterfront bar was jumping on such a gorgeous day.


I was there this past Saturday and the bar was definitely open. (they did have a power outage a couple of weeks ago on Saturday…maybe thats when you went by?)

I really like this restaurant and we go often since we keep our boat at the marina. The service has come a long way since they first opened. Early dinner saturday afternoon sat outside…only criticism is the lousiana bbq shrimp should have more spice. Other than that had a decent sized Berkshire Pork Chop perfectly medium…wife had the linguine with clams which she enjoyed.

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I was there about 6 weeks ago and it was opened and they are advertising the heck out of it on Facebook, so I assume it’s open.