Jif peanut butter - back in your local stores yet?

JM Smucker reported about two months ago that they were back in production in both plants and taking orders for their Jif peanut butter products, the salmonella problem cleared.

I’ve yet to see Jif in my local groceries. There’s no longer even that empty space for it on the shelves that had been there for a while. I wonder if they’ve decided they’re making more profit from their in-store brand, which is what we shifted to (we thought temporarily) when Jif was first recalled.

If you use peanut butter, have you noticed whether Jif has returned to your local store shelves?

Just back from grocery shopping and Jif was on the supermarket shelf. I’m in Massachusetts.

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Having mobility issues, I rely on grocery delivery. Walmart’s Salem NH Superstore has listed Jif extra crunchy as out of stock for several weeks now. I didn’t realize they had suspended production, and was wondering what the problem is.


Jiff is back in stock at my market.

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Creamy has been around for a month or two. Still no crunchy.



No crunchy at my market either. Forgot to mention.

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So from all your replies, I’m figuring the big chain I normally shop at has indeed decided they’re just going to keep making buck from their storebrand and have decided they don’t want the JMS/Jif competition.

This kind of fits in with other stuff they’ve done - they’re single largest group of jam products is their own store-brand, squeezing the JMS and Welches branded jellies/jams into marginal space while the store-brand commands the bulk of the aisle space.

JIF is available here in North Texas. Just out of curiosity, how does store brand peanut butter stand up to JIF?

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What I’ve been buying is so close that I almost wonder if it’s not JMS supplying it to them as their store brand.

Edit - but of course that could not have been happening during their plant shut-downs, so they must be sourcing it from elsewhere.

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Jif is still not available at our local Giant supermarket in Northern Virginia. We buy it regularly and have been checking every week.

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I’ve been a Jiff buyer for as long as I can remember but resorted to Skippy and honestly can’t tell the difference.


Skippy has been available where I am throughout the pandemic and supply chain issues. It’s been my brand of choice, but it’s not based on any perceived diffrence from Jif–it’s Chevron versus Shell for me.

IS there a difference enough to make a difference?

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Taste them side-by-side, au naturel by the spoonful.

Jif is sweeter than Skippy, but it is thicker (less viscous) than Skippy, making Skippy easier to spread on sandwiches but Jif better for dipping.


Normally I don’t have a preference for peanut butter brands, but I’ve been trying out a bunch of George Motz’s burger recipes at home. He does an impressive job of recreating famous burgers from different regions and sharing their history.

The proprietor of Missouri’s Wheel Inn Drive-in freely shared that his peanut sauce was just heated up Jif peanut butter. The restaurant is gone now, and was a pretty interesting part of food history, so I may as well wait for Jif to come back in stock so I can do it right.

I think the Guber Burger is number three in this video from George.


Sacrilège! And same to you, @kaleokahu!



Now, Keyrock, use your words… How would you describe the difference?

Jif… … GOOD.

Skippy… … BAD.



Tonda say Jif. Atouk say Skippy.

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Atouk… …BAD.

Tonda… …GOOD.

More seriously, though, I’m not sure how to characterise it. Reading labels online it seems they are very similar as to fat, sugar, sodium content. Jif has some molasses while Skippy does not.

Also, some upthread mention Skippy is easier to spread at room temp, and I can agree with this. So maybe it’s a combination of Skippy using more free-moving RT fats than Jif, plus the tiny bit of molasses in the Jif.

But all I know is, whether I’m wanting to eat a spoonful of PB or spread it on crackers, I’ve eaten a lot of both Jif and Skippy, and I definitely prefer Jif.

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Same answer for smooth, crunchy and extra crunchy? I buy mostly the XC, and don’t much care for smooth–of any brand, except for use in sauces.

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