Jicama, what’s your favorite way to use it?

I bought a few orbs and wondered how you would use them. I have a few carrot and jicama salad ideas already. TIA.


I like Vietnamese meatballs. Also good in dumplings. Some dumplings have chopped water chestnuts, jicama can be used as an alternative. Both are crunchy and refreshing.

Somebody actually has a recipe:


In place of water chestnuts-brilliant! Thanks for the assist!

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Well of course you can make as a quick pickle with the carrots like you get on bahn mi sandwiches! Then use in summer rolls or whatever sandwiches

If it’s very fresh and the inside is a bit wet (i have yet to find a good one on the east coast! All dry inside) they’re fantastic just sliced thin to eat raw or use as a scooper for dips or salsa. Mexican prep is with a sprinkle of Tajin and some lime juice as a raw snack.
I’ve seen recipes where it’s diced fine and added to salsas as well.


Thank you , great suggestions.

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Brilliant idea! Thanks!

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We’ve been putting it in parathas with a little brown sugar

Ditto re water chestnut or even bamboo shoot texture swap. Ditto anywhere that cucumber would help texture but not flavor.

Low carb crunchy dipper - think guac on rounds of jicama rather than a chip, or sticks of jicama though I find those

I’m now thinking I should try the rounds in fattoush to stand in for the crunch of pita chips…

Made a jicama and carrot salad with a very light tahini dressing and a few shrimp bahn mi subs and tossed the rest in a chef salad. I will def buy jicama on the regular when I’m around to enjoy it. The crisp, crunch texture softens quickly.


Raw, in sticks, dressed with lime juice, salt and Tajin. Put in ziplocks and eat on the beach!

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