Jicama, what’s your favorite way to use it?

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I bought a few orbs and wondered how you would use them. I have a few carrot and jicama salad ideas already. TIA.



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I like Vietnamese meatballs. Also good in dumplings. Some dumplings have chopped water chestnuts, jicama can be used as an alternative. Both are crunchy and refreshing.

Somebody actually has a recipe:


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In place of water chestnuts-brilliant! Thanks for the assist!

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Well of course you can make as a quick pickle with the carrots like you get on bahn mi sandwiches! Then use in summer rolls or whatever sandwiches

If it’s very fresh and the inside is a bit wet (i have yet to find a good one on the east coast! All dry inside) they’re fantastic just sliced thin to eat raw or use as a scooper for dips or salsa. Mexican prep is with a sprinkle of Tajin and some lime juice as a raw snack.
I’ve seen recipes where it’s diced fine and added to salsas as well.


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Thank you , great suggestions.



Brilliant idea! Thanks!

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