Jersey's Best Buffets

In honor of my friend Frank, aka der Buffet König, and just in time for the Christmas smörgåsbord, it’s time for nominations for Jersey’s Best Buffets.

I’ll start it off with a couple of favorites:

Molly Pitcher for Sunday brunch.

Tokyo in Freehold for Japanese/sushi.

Haldi Chowk in Middletown for Indian.

Looking forward to other’s nominations.

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And no, this is not a Jersey Buffet:

Even if it is about cheeseburgers.

The Manor West Orange seafood/lobster buffet on Friday nights.

Golden Coral, Freehold. (kidding!!)

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Rasoi II on Oak tree road in Iselin gets my vote for Indian buffet : great selection and tasty too.

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Hey it’s hard to beat that river of chocolate.

I’ve seen kids putting it on their fries :open_mouth: !!!

Judging from the “average” Golden Coral customer(s) I have witnessed I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know what people have put into that fudge fountain.

Tokyo in freehold - ya gotta be kidding. That place should be condemned - stale and tasteless - full of preservatives and MSG. Minado is the only stuff ur place I would go to.

I tried Haldi Chowk’s lunch buffet yesterday. It was very enjoyable.

I used to like Tokyo in Freehold but It has gotten gradually worse. Agree with @junkliss about the preservatives and MSG. They seem to have cranked up the amount of that stuff in recent visits. Feel like I need to drink a gallon of water afterwards after eating there the last couple times.

My son who takes after me and would eat anything Asian 7x24 including Indian cuisine (not me) asked me never to take him back there. I’d rather eat chun king from a can, on hamburger buns ala Coney Island Nathan’s then to get a free lunch at Tokyo.
Chun King had a wonderful exhibit at the 64-64 worlds fair in Queens, founded by Jeno Paulucci and he Seoul probably agree with me about Tokyo.

Damn iPhone - 64-65 and would not Seoul.
Jeno died in 2011 probably after eating at Tokyo.

So I didn’t offend you ? Good ! I’m simply looking for quality. My Chinese friend recommend dragon palace in Edison, but from what I read there is no “menu” for the good stuff in English - how novel the buffets once were - before they became ubiquitous maybe almost 40 years ago there was a Chinese buffet in Asbury, how great it was, all the hot and sour soup you could swallow - and they had NY style egg rolls. It was near the stone pony -

Hi, please feel free to disagree on the merits of the food. But please refrain from targeting each other personally. Thanks.


Around 2008 I used to work in Freehold. Tokyo seafood buffet was nearby and used to be pretty good for lunch. It had fairly standard offerings and at a decent price. Haven’t been there in a long time but I read a lot of negative reviews on yelp recently. The buffet business is going to run hot and cold.

There were some very good Asian buffets in Flushing, Queens. But the quality is hard to maintain when the costs are variable and customers get fickle when a newer place opens up.

How praytell do you get MSG in sushi?

Just curious.

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Hey have you ever been to the Borgata buffet?

It’s on a number of 10 best lists in the country.

Lunch is only $ 19.99. Could be time for a road trip.

Wow…it’s like your stalking me!! (joke) Funny you mention it, I had sworn off gambling several years ago so I hadn’t been to A/C in 5+ years…but last month I had a nephew turn 21 and he had his birthday extravaganza in A/C. I stayed at the Borgata and actually I did eat at their buffet for breakfast/brunch which was pretty good. Not Molly Pitcher good, but good for a casino which is normally grits, biscuits and crappy country gravy.

Well you are my hero…

Funny you should say that. MP also makes some of the national lists, but places lower than Borgata on those ( #14 for MP, #8 for BG on one, for example).

Would Sabor count as a buffet?

If so, they belong on the list:

Sabor Brazil Restaurant

Interesting, it’s been years since I’ve been to the MP brunch but my memory is it being far more “balanced” with a wider variety of “lunch” vs. breakfast entrees. Borgota was far more breakfast orientated than lunch, that’s why I would have put the MP above Borgota, but then again what do I really know anyway. (I do not recall seeing shrimp cocktail for example at Borgota)

I have never been to Sabor, but ironically I almost went two weeks ago…however as I was on 36 heading towards Long Branch my car was drawn to make a left (as I was staring at the Rodeo Grill) and I went to Blu Grotto instead. (I didn’t know where Sabor was exactly…I was thinking of Rodeo…and was like F" it just get the strip at Grotto)

Well given the woolly mammoth cowboy ribeyes you have been getting there one could see perhaps why…