Jersey Shore BBQ East Brunswick Now Open

They posted so on their Facebook page yesterday. Will have to try it soon.

Nice !!! @seal let me know when!!!

Ahh man… good BBQ right next to a good cigar store! East Brunswick has been waiting for years for this! Lol

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Just grabbed some quick take out on Thursday - half rack of st louis and fried brussels. Same high quality as their place in Belmar. @NotJrvedivici - I’m thinking perhaps as early as the middle of March.


Those Brussels Sprouts (and their dipping sauce) are definitely one of my favorite foods ANYWHERE.

Keep me posted Kemosabe!

Brussel Sprouts at a BBQ joint.
What is the world coming to?

Mr. RBI and I popped over to JSBBQ in E.B. for lunch this afternoon. It’s 10-15 minutes from our house. Much closer than Belmar. We’ve been to the original twice – right after it opened 7 years ago and again in 2013. The first time, everything we had was terrific. The second time, unfortunately, the food was very disappointing. Still, I was happy to give it another try in E.B.

As we drove into the parking lot, we could smell the 'cue. While the interior in E.B. is a lot smaller than Belmar, there are quite a few table. No problem getting one since at 1:30 p.m., the only other customer was a woman getting take-out. During the time we were there, one other table became occupied.

Wanting a small lunch, we decided to share a half-rack of baby backs which came with a choice of two sides. We chose slaw and mac & cheese. Mr. RBI had diet Coke, and I had house made lemonade.

The ribs were extremely meaty and topped with a really tasty bbq sauce. Both sides were excellent. When we got our tray, I was surprised to see a small slice of cornbread and a few pickles since I didn’t recall noticing anything on the menu board about them coming with the ribs + 2. The pickles were flavorful and crunchy. The cornbread was delicious though I wish it had been warm.

As we were eating, the owner – I think his name is Doug – brought over two pieces of kielbasa and some chopped meat (maybe brisket?) for us to taste. He said that meat is used for sandwiches. Both were very tasty, the kielbasa especially so.

Because of Doug’s generosity, instead of finishing all the ribs, we saved two to take home and finished all the complimentary stuff. When we asked for a container for the ribs, he added two large slices of corned beef which he told us he’d prepared for Belmar’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade this past weekend. Can’t wait to try it as it looks spectacular. We then decided to buy some slaw to take home as well. Lunch tomorrow!

Doug told us he remembered us from our first visit in Belmar. Truly amazing!

We will be back. Often.


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Lol. I know right??

My most memorable sprouts were deep fried with chopped panchetta. That’s how you get a fat guy to eat Brussel sprouts :smile:


Doug is a really nice guy. I say that as a fan, not as someone who knows him other than as a customer. But he seems to remember me from the early days as well and I’m happy to give him my business!

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We dropped in yesterday, and got the Monmouth Trifecta (baby back ribs, pulled pork, and kielbasa) with fries and cucumber/tomato salad.

Unlike RGR, I did not find the ribs particularly meaty, and not topped with sauce. The three sauces available were all somewhat watery and hard to scoop out of the buckets, and the lids did not actually fit the small containers provided for them. The pulled pork was moist and a reasonable quantity. I thought that the kielbasa was a bit too “smooth” in texture, as if it had been run through the food processor a bit too long; I prefer a more “rustic” texture. Mark liked that it was dense. I liked the fact that the meat came off the ribs easily, but Mark prefers his to “fight back”, meaning we disagreed on those as well.

The fries were … awful. Not crisp, but soggy and greasy. The salad was a pretty small side (as were the fries)–I hope this is not the size that costs $2.

We had no trouble finishing the Trifecta between us.

I was hoping for someplace really fabulous, but based on this visit JSBBQ is definitely not it.

WOW. I’d be curious to know if you have the same experience in Belmar… Sounds like they’re still working out the kinks in the new place!

I’ve had them recently fail in the Belmar location. They put a really mediocre burger in front of me. Very disappointing. So - strike one.

Given our disappointment with East Brunswick, I’m not about to drive 30 miles to Belmar to see if they’re any better. :frowning:

(Especially after The Happy Wizard’s post!)

Didn’t realize it’s that far from you…don’t blame you!

It’s the price I pay for being only a mile from Shanghai Bun!

Went here the other week and was happy to find the prices are a little cheaper than Belmar location.
I got the Monmouth trifecta with St. Louis Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, and Chopped Brisket with sweet potato fries and mac’n’cheese. Also got an appetizer of the fried garlic brussel sprouts, which was awesome.

I found all the meats, especially the St. Louis Ribs and Brisket, to be delicious and the BBQ sauce on the sides as well awesome for dipping.

The sides were a little lacking in flavor to me, next time I may just get Rib Appetizer sampler and just stick to a one meat plate to try the pulled pork or chicken.

Do they have the brussels sprouts app in EB? If so, GET. THEM.

They do, I went to the EB location and got them.

They forgot my dipping sauce at first but they are addicting. It’s definitely great for sharing as it’s a pretty big portion.

Agreed–but damn if they aren’t delicious! And the dipping sauce is key!!

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