Jersey Shore BBQ East Brunswick Now Open

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Met up with a certain sea mammal friend of ours for lunch today. I’ve got to say I truly enjoyed the chopped brisket, my two sides were collards and slaw both were also very good. Wish them luck at this location I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

Thanks @seal !!


You had 3 of my favorite items from there! PLEASE tell me you two tried the brussels sprouts…?!?

I’m also a fan of their Kayla wings; spicy and sweet.

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Dammit!! No I forgot the sprouts!! Well now I have a reason to go back! Enjoy Friday night, I might try to stop by and say hello. Not sure of my schedule yet.


We should do a HOdown at JSBBQ (Belmar has the bigger menu)…


Check out the local smoke thread jr. I just went tonight and they have them as a special side. Damn tasty!


First time visit to EB location. Had the Hill Country sandwich (chopped brisket, kielbasa, slaw, pickled onions) … one of the better sandwiches I’ve had in a while. I see that in Belmar the same sandwich is served with burnt ends and is a buck more. Will be returning!