Jello grapes

(erica) #1

A bit late in the season for this where I live, but for an easy and fairly healthy frozen treat, try this: Remove 16-24 ounces seedless grapes from their stems, rinse them, and put them, still wet, into a baggie or freezer container. Add a 4-serving packet of flavored gelatin (regular or sugar-free), seal, shake to evenly coat the grapes, and freeze. They can be eaten while completely frozen, but I prefer leaving them out for a few minutes, until frost appears on the skin, because IMO there’s more flavor when they are slightly thawed. Use whatever flavor gelatin you like.

(For the Horde!) #2

Does this work for any fruit or only soft texture fruits like grapes?

(erica) #3

Beats me but I think it requires bite-sized pieces, with the skin helping to keep the pieces intact. Chocolate-dipped frozen banana slices are great; could work.