Jay Rayner things restaurants must stop doing in 2016

I think this is spot on

And if you have time, the comments are pretty good too.


Spot on, he is.

But read some Chowhound or Hungry Onion thread about stuff folk hate about restaurants, and you’ll see Jay is just a pussycat when it comes to this subject.

The one I agree with him most on is “pour your own wine” comment. Just leave the sodding bottle and the sodding jug/bottle of water on the table . It irritates the wotsit out of me when places take them away


LOL! And I REALLY agree with the testicle comment!

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I prefer unsalted butter. Everything else, I agree with.

Ooh, yes, that too. I can then add some salt if I want and then I like the texture better.

That and don’t expect the man to always be paying.

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That’s the “testicle” comment. LOL

Yup. :slight_smile:

Of course. And most times, restaurants put the bill in the middle of the table.

It’s pretty much always Mrs H’s credit card that pays for dinner - and, even then, the card machine is more often offered to me. Good places take the trouble to look at the card and see whose it is.

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EXACTLY. If it says “Mathilda” as the first name, it’s most likely not the man’s credit card. LOL

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So agree on the unsalted butter = flavorless grease. I long ago started salting my bread and butter in restaurants. I don’t ever even buy unsalted butter. The whole concept escapes me. It’s an unfinished recipe.

And salt and pepper shakers on the table, PLEASE! This is the result of a chef who is easily offended. I like pepper.

I have never seen granola on a menu here or in England so I have no idea about that one.

Actually, make that salt & pepper grinders. No restaurant worth its name should have pre-ground salt or pepper (flavorless crappy dust) on its tables.


Especially those who have them in little open dishes. If I had confidence that no-on else had been poking about in them, then I’d be OK. But, hey, confidence in restaurants on food hygiene matters. Come on, someone’s having a laff, innit.


Especially now that commercially available (read cheap and disposable) salt and pepper grinders are available. Even the local chains and holes-in-the-wall places let you grind your own.

And on the bread/butter issue. My favorite spots (admittedly neither chains nor holes-in-the-wall) offer a variety of butters: non-salted, salted, herbed to accompany a variety of breads.

God, I love Jay Rayner.

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I so agree with lighting comment. I can’t see anymore.

Please stop asking me what I want to drink before my butt has touched the chair. I don’t know what I’m going to eat yet so how would I know what I want to drink, unless it’s breakfast and then copious coffee is in order.

I also detest ‘how is everything’ when I haven’t had a single bite or maybe just one bite.

Yes leave the bottle alone. I like to pour my own wine or water.


I WANT water right away. So I like the question. My reply is “Water please and we’ll make our wine (or whatever) decision after we’ve looked at the menu.” Takes a few seconds and I’ve never had a problem.

smartie, how ole are you?!? :slight_smile: When I was in my early 40s my eye doctor explained that my difficulty reading menus was due to…OLD AGE :slight_smile: Not really but I got reading glasses and the problem was solved.

Very late 50s :frowning , oh yes I have reading glasses but some restaurants are still very dark.

It’s not the question it’s that sometimes we haven’t even sat, still pulling out the chair or sliding into a booth. Maybe it’s just America but I do prefer the slower European service.

Also I don’t like the check being brought to the table so quickly. I might want dessert or coffee but that check arrives as if by magic. Of course there is the opposite where you can’t find your server to ask for the check but that’s another moan.

Reading these, I guess I’m sprinkled with ‘fairy dust’ cause I have few problems and RARELY are they significant enough to effect my enjoyment of the meal. I’d like to say it’s a “Left Coast” thing but I find this anywhere in the world I go. ???

I like either salted or unsalted. But unsalted is not tasteless grease. I agree with the rest of it though. I like to pour my own wine, and I so agree about the small tables. We ate at a local French bistro and the table for 4 was barely meant for two and they served on very large plates.