Jarred Gravy…how long?

Sorry to keep asking how long things last…but the internet seems to return results that are crazy. In this case, searches return results that gravy supplied in jars only last 3 to 5 days after being opened and refrigerated.

Is this really the case?

I’ve never come across gravy in jars so not sure what the ingredients are but I assume little by way of preservatives. As such 3 -5 sounds about right. Why not freeze whatever has been left after your first usage? I often come across little bags of it in the freezer - they either get used again as such, or incorporated into a different sort of sauce (beef gravy often finds its way into a meat sauce for pasta, in this house)

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I love to know how long things last and why.

I don’t think I’ve tried gravy in a jar, but husband loves lean meat and gravy, so I’m eager to hear. Something like this?

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It’s rare I don’t use one up in a couple/three days… it’s just that I had two open jars in the fridge (don’t ask why I had 2 ‘cause I don’t know) and while working on my shopping list I wanted to know if they were still usable.