Japonica Diner in Redwood City on Woodside Road and Hudson.

Lately after my return from Japan I have been missing Japanese “plate rice dishes” I had in Japan. So one of my favorite places was CoCo Curry a local chain of Japanese curry house all over the place in Japan.

So today we drop by and had a pork cutlet with rice and curry. Wonderful for about 11 dollars. The curry was mild but just enough bite for my taste. A greaseless cutlet cook just right. I am now eating closer to home and healthier

Redwood City now has a few places for me to enjoy. Prior to this I have like the Mexican food here but now we have Redwood Bistro, I Dumpling and now Japonica Diner


Thanks for sharing the spot. Had no idea at all this place’s there. Have you tried Muracci’s when they were still open in Los Altos? If so how do they compare?

Probably for another thread, any favorite Mexican spots in RWC? I find that the choices are just overwhelming.

Yes, @yimster, please let us know if you have leads for Mexican in Redwood City! I’ve started a new thread.

I tried to like Japonica, went there 3 times. The pork cutlet was dry and tasteless. No service. Difficult parking.

I recommend Gombei in Menlo Park.

Agreed that parking is hard very limited spaces. I found the pork cutlet we found the cutlet moist fried just right (greaseless) mild flavored (since was not seasoned prior to cooking). I will try Gombei soon.

Did not. I still watch what I eat. Only now am i eat out again.

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I had Diner Japonica’s 3 item bento box for lunch today ($11.95) and was happy with everything (chicken teriyaki, pork katsu, California roll). The standout was the chicken teriyaki, which at most places is overcooked with a cloyingly sweet sauce. Not here–the sauce was very good and not especially sweet and the chicken was perfectly cooked. I noticed one piece that had just a hint of pink, the rest had been cooked just past pink and was moist, tender and flavorful. It comes with the usual miso soup, rice and salad.

I know that cooking the chicken just pass pink is what is desire but for my taste a hint of pink mean the chicken is more moist. I have not had the bento box but is on my bucket list.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr